Sports federations tend to be institutions with no middle ground: either an irresistible win or approved oil raft around a president almost unanimously. this Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) responds to the second typology Decades apart, with the exception of the brief period between the disqualification of Ángel María Villar (July 2017) and Luis Rubiales taking office (May 2018).

One example is the accounts submitted last December by Rubiales and his team. unanimous support of 85 voters It is available in Las Rozas, as reported by El Periódico de España. A meeting that RFEF is proud of economic muscleWith a budget of 406 million euros for 2022, which has passed 146 of the last year of ‘villarismo’ (2017).

The numbers will be discussed once again in the ordinary assembly that will be held this Monday at 12:00 in Las Rozas. RFEF closes 2021 with 370m euros in entries and more than 30 ‘kicks’According to the accounts approved by the board of directors and to be confirmed by the federative councilors this afternoon: Rubiales himself, 19 district presidents and elected members from 120 different estates: coaches, referees, football players…

But unfortunately for Rubiales, money is not the hallmark of this regular meeting of the RFEF. Or yes, but not the federal vault. Special sound recordings, revealed by El Confidencial in the past weeks, completely changed the landscape and opened up. several judicial fronts The President and the Government are already talking about disqualification by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD) as a possibility.

salary change

The first outcome of the storm will be Rubiales being put to a vote. a change in your payment structure. Since becoming president, the Andalusian president has tied his salary to the revenue volume of the RFEF. It’s a common modality in high positions that becomes a problem when it’s learned that Saudi Arabia is paying varying amounts depending on which teams are contesting to host the Super Cup.

This is indirectly if he barca and Madrid classified, Rubiales charges more. It’s an insignificant amount for his total salary (about €7,500 a year, out of €634,518.19 in 2021, about 1.2%), but it has given rise to the controversial rationale that he would stand in parliament, proposing that the leader’s salary be fixed thereafter. According to El Independiente, the special offer will be: Consolidate a gross annual salary of 635,000 euros without a valid variable who won last year

However, the most anticipated thing beyond the numbers is Rubiales’ speech about the information published in the past weeks. After the first leaked audio recordings (mainly about the Super Cup’s Piqué management and the ground paid for by the RFEF) he offered a long press conference on April 20, but later Aganzo and Pedro Sánchez offered a long press conference to former members of the Government of the recordings.

judicial front

Rubiales later decided keeps silent (beyond corporate communication) and delayed its response until Monday’s meeting, where it was followed by various judicial fronts investigating whether he had already committed a crime.

On 19 May, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against him and Gerard Piqué for corruption and unfair management in business, following a complaint by CENAFE chief Miguel Ángel Galán. Next, Clean Hands filed a complaint with a regular court pending whether it was accepted for processing.

In addition, a Majadahonda court has initiated preliminary proceedings for a case against Rubiales, Andreu Camps (general secretary) and two of the RFEF’s chief attorneys. alleged offense of threat, coercion and lying Against the First RFEF teams that decided to form an organization made up of clubs outside the federation.

One of these clubs, the International Dux, filed a complaint against Rubiales in the Supreme Sports Council, in addition to the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE). CSD is now reviewing these complaints to assess whether to escalate to TAD, which could ultimately disqualify the RFEF chair.

no franc

In the middle of this storm CSD chairman José Manuel Franco does not plan to participate something he has done on other occasions, as a guest at this Monday’s meeting. On this occasion, special attention will not be paid to the First and Second Division, which are highly conditioned by the World Cup in Qatar, in a parliament where the calendar for the next season will also be voted on, according to government sources.

There will be no press in Las Rozas, but everyone will be able to follow the press conference live. Assemblies are always behind closed doors, but an adjacent workspace is often set up for journalists. This will not be the case this time, according to the RFEF itself, as the meeting coincided with the arrival of the absolute male internationals and sub’21 for their concentration.