Noceda, new head of FAPE: “We are facing some challenges that have been challenging the profession lately”

New President of TRNC Federation of Journalists Associations of Spain (FAPE)Miguel Angel Noceda warns social networks and journalism is “not the same thing” and warns against the use of certain digital media “created as support only”, often to provide false information.

These are some thoughts that the recently announced FAPE president made in the USA. Interview with Efe detailing its challenges and key concerns for the future, e.g. Job insecurity in the journalism profession.

Is the journalism profession low and disreputable?

Convincingly, it’s not disreputable. Another thing is that there are those who want to discredit information because it is often offensive, but The journalist doesn’t need to run away, go tell him and say what some want to be told. You have to go, see, analyze and count.

Although if we look at it from this angle insecurity In employment, yes we are in a declining position. This is what worries me the most. FAPE was founded 100 years ago with the aim of glorifying a profession. It was not even recognized as such. It was a trade that the people who practiced it had to complete with another in order to have an income and to live.

A century later, the parallelism is enormous: there are currently staff reductions, salary reductionsand journalists have to look for jobs outside of journalism.

“The fundamental rules of journalism, ethics, deontology and opposition are not met”

The coincidence of the model change with the economic crisis and The transition from paper to digital led to a drop in revenuefirst of all, through the proliferation of social networks and digital media, where deviant situations occur due to advertisements and misuse of information for the big media.

This assumes basic rules of journalism are not metethical, deontological and oppositional, thus leading to the accuracy of knowledge and the profession to enter one of the most sensitive moments in terms of both reliability and insecurity.

How can the reader describe a medium that is sold as such but is not really an information medium?

This is a hard question. Everyone has the right to an information environment, and it is for the reader to discern whether it is a serious environment. You should know that social networks are not journalism and what you read on them does not have to go to church. They are sometimes used to spread related hoaxes.

The proliferation of digital media can be very good as it generates jobs; The problem is their use. They can be used conscientiously and do good journalism, but at the same time they can only be created as a prop to make the “default” information.

We journalists must work so that the reader is interested in our information and willing to pay for it, don’t believe we work for free. We cannot give the information. That’s why I insist that many media do not present serious or accurate information, and I drag other media that is serious.

“If they provide false information, those affected can take legal action”

Should the access of people working in this media that does not provide accurate information be limited to cover information?

If they are journalists and these media outlets are accredited, they should not be prevented from obtaining information or compelled to remove professional secrecy, but If they provide false information, those affected can take legal action.

How should professional secrecy be regulated?

Confidentiality of sources is inviolable and limiting it restricts journalistic freedom and that is why we oppose some of the recent restrictions on the profession. They are trying to force the disclosure of sources. We are not willing to accept the fact that the information is correct. It must be holy.

What obstacles are you talking about?

We strongly reject its continued existence. spigot lawobligation of prosecutors and judges to disclose journalists’ sources, andCases of abuse by some parties and companies to stop journalistic investigationsbecause they are free to do so, but they cannot be abused if the journalist has done his job conscientiously and has complied with the requirements for verified and accurate information.

More and more people want to put a plug on journalism and In this sense, we must ensure that we are respected.

If we do not stand against them, vetoes, statements, press conferences without question or plasma communication… If we remain silent, more will continue to happen. The problem is that governments, parties and companies often abuse the economic conditions they may have in all media.

Should journalism in general be planted?

: When these things happen, no doubt.

And why is it so difficult for us to sew ourselves?

Maybe it’s because the journalist who goes to a place where such a grave situation can happen is thinking what his boss would say if he stood up. I believe in these gravity situations joint positionsbecause they can’t be playing with us.

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