Mallorca and Athletic Club draw (0-0) The match they played on the fourth day in the last Moix is ​​a result that does not fully satisfy anyone.

Vermillions continue without celebrating victory and the ‘lions’ missed the opportunity to score three points and be at the top of the leaderboard.

Mexican Javier Aguirre’s Mallorca fails to complete the start. No one on the island expected two points out of a possible twelve, although the team was strengthened by quality players such as Sergi Darder, Cyle Larin and Samu Costa.

HE Athletic Ernesto Valverde did not know how to complete all the activities he created for 95 minutes. He managed to unlock the score in the first episode; He scored in the second minute. But in the end they had to settle for one point; same trophy on the same stage (1-1) as last season.

Aguirre strengthened the attack Larin-Muriqi duo and instead of José Copete, who was defeated by Granada (3-2) the other day, he preferred Belgian defender Van der Heyden, who played for the first time in LaLiga.

“Vasco” retained the usual line of five defenders since arriving on the Balearic bench in March 2022, giving full power to Costa, Darder and Rodríguez in midfield and lacking Omar Mascarell and Manu Morlanes. on the bench.

The innovations in the eleven didn’t raise the reds’ level of play in a wind-conditioned shootout. Despite Mallorca starting well, putting pressure all over the pitch and trying to find Muriqi and Larin, it wasn’t enough to get close to Unai Simón’s goal clearly.

Valverde, on the other hand, brought back Oihan Sancet, who was suspended for one game against Betis, and lined up Yuri Berchiche, who had recovered from a fibula fracture last June, on the left back wing.

His team was centered around Ruiz de Galarreta and Sancet. appeared above with Nico’s speed and Inaki Williams, two real headaches for local defense.

Openly, Sancet and Nico Williams were able to open the score with very close shots., both to the far pole. The first half of the match ended with a yellow card. Lekue saw him.

At the start of the second half and shortly after the referee refused to allow Mallorca to score due to offside, Aguirre sent domestic players Javi Llabrés and Valverde, Iker Muniain and Beñat Prados to warm up.

According to “Vasco”, Larin was replaced by Llabrés, who was still not here to play for 90 minutes. Muniain replaced Sancet and Prados replaced Lekue.

The conflict remained true to what happened in the first episode: With alternating dominance, a lot of defensive measures and Athletic we are much closer to celebrating the first goal.

Mallorca reacted in the last quarter hour. His was the best chance to open the score. Muriqi finished his shot at the entrance of the penalty area and his shot was taken into a corner by Vivian. Shortly after, the Kosovo player’s header was cleared from under the sticks by Iñaki Williams.

Athletic outperformed themselves in those moments but responded well to all of their opponents’ offensive actions.Local fans shout for Mallorca’s beloved striker Abdón Prats to enter the field.

The Vermilion team reached the final stage of the game by three points, with Llabrés, Muriqi and Abdón Prats in search of their first win of the season, which could not come due to the “lions” good last defensive work.