Even the most precise, efficient machines have days when they falter and need fine-tuning. Carlos Alcaraz not different. The El Palmar champion continues to advance in the US Open and aims to become the first tennis player to repeatedly renew the title since Roger Federer in 2008. But this Saturday’s game Third round against Brit Daniel EvansYoung #1 wins 6-2, 6-3 and 4-6 and 6-3even to have options to reach that peak and conquer it settings remain What should we do?

Evans, the 33-year-old tennis player, who went to hell for a year after being suspended for cocaine use in Barcelona in 2017, gradually regained his place in tennis. He won his second career title in Washington this summer and is ranked 28th. Although he didn’t have a weapon of note, Arthur had played enough tennis at AShe to face Alcaraz, this time playing several of his symphonies rather than one of his. mismatched notes

Alcaraz became more failures On his first serve, he scored a higher-than-normal score of 57%, less than Evans. They too slipped between his magnificent left-handedness and his magnificent cannonballs. unusual errors, and 23 without difficulty was only one less than his opponent’s. He needed five balls to take notice in the first round and three in the second, allowing Evans to break him twice in both the second and third rounds.

Alcaraz even allowed them to appear before the public, who admired their smiles and spirits. signs and displays of frustration, occasional but as the game got more complex, it became more frequent. In the third round, after Evans defeated him in game seven and missed two opportunities to take a timeout in the next game, it was heard loud and clear:damn shame“. Soon after, he had to reach the fourth set.

There the level rose again. In the sixth game, he took the first opportunity when an almost magical ball was in the line, smashing and straightening the way to the goal. And all that matters is that in three hours and 11 minutes he crosses the border and sets off for New York, where he’ll have at least one more chance to get better. it will be monday eighthwhere he will meet for the first time in his career Italian Matteo Arnaldi, 22 and 68 years old young man It’s the best game in the world, sent in three sets (6-3, 6-4 and 6-3) to tennis player Cameron Norrie, who beat Alcaraz in the dirt final in Rio this year.

Djokovic, return and warning to sailors

In the other part of the draw, he also competed in the third round. Novak Djokovic, who his compatriot, Laslo Djere, literally hung on Friday night. The 38th of the world scored the first two sets, forcing the champion to play for three hours and 45 minutes until he scored the eighth of those comebacks in his career.

The match reminded that, as Alcaraz said the previous day, neither he nor the Serb can let their guard down, regardless of their opponent’s position in the standings. However, Djokovic has shown his undisputed game in the last three sets. And he wanted to present what happened as something. notice to boaters: “This is the message I sent to the other contestants: I can still play five sets late into the nightsaid the player 36 years. Next up this Sunday: Croatian Borna Gojo is 105th in the world.