Media: the leader of the Czech national team expelled from the composition of the 2022 world hockey championship for smoking

The Czech national hockey team expelled Dominik Simon from the squad. The Czech team competes at the 2022 World Championship held in Finland. This has been reported hockey sport.

The Czech national team did not give a direct answer, which is the reason why the leader of the Czech team refused his services.

Petr NedvÄ›d, general manager of the Czech national team, said in a statement: “As this is a very sensitive personal matter and we respect Dominik’s honesty, please understand that we will not comment further on this matter.” said.

The publication states that the alleged reason for refusing the services of the striker was smoking with another hockey player of the team, 24-year-old defender Philip Gronek.

In three matches of the world championship, the Czechs won only one victory against Great Britain (5: 1), and also suffered two defeats against Sweden (3: 5) and Austria (1: 2 B).

The Czech national team will play against Latvia in their next match. The meeting will be held on 19 May. It starts at 20.20 Moscow time.

Three dozen Swedish hockey players who previously played in the National Hockey League (NHL), refused to come To the location of the national team at the 2022 World Cup.

Source: Gazeta


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