Growth, but doubts among manufacturers and distributors

This Spanish manufacturers and distributors They grow up but begin to perceive extreme uncertainties about the future. Major consumer companies grouped around the association echo Until April, they recorded 4.6% growth thanks to the rise in prices despite the supply crisis and the war in Ukraine. In terms of volume, however, sales fell 1.3%. Given the current great competition, the price factor masks the uncertain situation facing the Spanish economy in the last part of the year. A consultant’s report NielsenIQ Released this Wednesday during the 27th Congress of the Manufacturers and Distributors Association (echo) It predicts 3.7% growth in year-end turnover in Commercial Strategy and Marketing. However, if consumption does not increase, growth will not be enough.

according to the data nielsonAnother of the main trends in consumption is the rise of the distribution brand in supermarkets, which has grown 11.8% so far this year and represents 43% of total product sales compared to 57% of manufacturer brands.

Inflation and rising prices are the main concerns of consumers, changing their purchasing behavior such as choosing more products based on price. According to this research, 70% of consumers place more emphasis on prices and promotions than before, a 10-point growth compared to last year’s data.

analysis post-pandemic consumer shows a tendency to simplify the shopping cart, less concerned with innovation. 51% admit they tend to buy essential products. But the truth is that, meanwhile, manufacturers and distributors are crying, revenues are increasing and tourism is picking up, so depending on which areas more or less the area of ​​business development should improve somewhat over the next summer. According to the Aecoc survey, 59% of respondents plan to take a summer vacation: 75% will visit Spain, 27% will go to their second residence and 19% will travel abroad.

This signs of improvement It also reached industries most affected by the pandemic, such as restaurants, which have grown by 77 percent so far this year, while perfumeries saw sales growth of 16 percent. A walk through the main Spanish cities confirms the fullness of bars and restaurants and the largest number of tourists.

This supply chain It is called a cause for concern by companies, but the truth is that the situation has already somewhat normalized, but it is not prices that remain high and do not want to drop. This can create opportunities for manufacturers who can offer discounts or price cuts as raw materials get cheaper. Only 7% of the surveyed companies anticipate a worsening of the economic situation. In this sense, 37.5% of distributors predict that they will close the first half of the year above their targets – the majority predict a growth of between 1% and 3% in their turnover in 2022 – be in line with the targets set at the same rate. As far as manufacturers are concerned, 43% expect to close the first period above expectations, 45% will meet the set targets and 12% believe they will not be able to meet them.

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