Laia Palau, 42, announced her retirement as a professional basketball player this Wednesday. 25 years of career which one won 33 titles and hanged 12 medals with the Spanish team. The Catalan player said, “I quit basketball. I don’t want to use the word retired because I don’t quit basketball. I will look at the event differently.” Fontajau paviliontrack down Spar Gironaclub for the last four seasons.

Accompanied by the president of the Girona foundation, Cayetano Perezand with the presence of Marc Gasol, now basketball Gironaand Palau, his teammates from the last team on the pavilion track, stated that he wants to continue to give “something” to the sport because he still has “the energy and passion to do it”.

An academy in your name

The player with the most medals wearing the jacket of the Spanish team claimed that he would stay in the team. Girona to work in the academy that will open the club under his own name. Likewise, the head of the Girona entity confirmed. Palau’s number ‘3’ jersey will be retiredA player who, in his view, “helped the club grow” in the four seasons he played. font.

The Catalan actor apparently admitted that he didn’t see himself playing until he was 45: “I’m not going to do this job, I’m not going to pass, but I’m going to keep working for it and we’ll continue to see each other around the world.”

“The world of basketball is endless, and I stay in this infinity. I hope to continue to give something,” he said, emphasizing that “picking the moments is important” and “thanks to those who accompanied him along the way.” “. With her emotional voice, she emphasized that she was “happy” because life had treated her so well. “Everything was great”settled.