Semi-final to advance to the first RFEF. The game starts at 21:30. Hours in the stadium Vicente FriendHe measured everything down to the millimeter. The phone is smoking. Blue and white coliseum offices too. Everything is tension and cigarettes are flying. in the next room rico perez, confident, confident in his men; everybody. The actors and those behind the lights. Today he gathered an invincible circle. silhouette from windows miso. They are legend. Also the lyrics gholoni, madrona Y Guixot they roar and flee outside the walls.

figure in the horse garden Enrique Ferrandez, to mediate with the fans. They came in droves today. They have a hundred-year lifespan and therefore humpbackArriving from the Plaza de Calvo Sotelo with a patchy ball and a sack of hope. The Adarve expedition arrives and clashes with the family. Gonzalez, who spends the night in the stadium and has everything ready for hours . Shirts, intact, folded at an incline. The legs of the football players are shiny. Unexpected! One of the players regrets the blow to his finger, his participation is suspended. be obvious Siegfried Tailor, takes a cast from his endless bag and the worry is over. Doctors came out of the infirmary fields Y Ruiz de la Cuesta. Today the knees bend just to ask for marriage.

rackThe excellent tracker catches a glimpse of the team warming up. This time there are three people in charge: Pepe Moreno, Charles Arsenal Y Joaquin Ferrandez. “Don’t overwork them!” they shout. Abbot Y Munoz Llorens, already in the box with its own cigars. One detail is not missing. down in the tunnel angel linares Talk to the arbitration trio. There’s no room for improvisation. Suddenly, the pit reappeared in the stadium. stick your head out Pascual Verdu Belda, who goes live and tells the squad of the team. on his side, Vincent Crespo, notepad in hand, take notes. They sit behind targets Miguel Vilaplana, Joseph Rico Y angel garcia and defog the target. Perfect Arjones comes to the race: “What a wonderful atmosphere!”.

in the cabin, ortega Y Beautiful They wrote eleven. It’s endless. playful, kosimo Y Expense. Doormen. maca, torregrosa Y navarritoinsurmountable. Pineapple, paqui, Tormo, Ramonzuelo, MangriƱanarchitects. Spider, ramon, blazquez, Ayguade Y pepe macia, artists. The victory of the female Hercules is announced in the public address system, a loud round of applause for the pioneers. They’re on their way, they don’t want to miss out.

The game will start, but everything has already been won. Maybe that wasn’t exactly the case at the moment of silence held by the Centennial Commission at ADDA last Monday, but it wouldn’t last long.