women’s suit Elche’s Athletic Youth After becoming the champion of the match corresponding to the second day, it will fight for promotion to the Division League. Women’s First Division Clubs Iberdrola Leagueheld last weekend at the track Valladolid’s Esgueva river.

Elche team added a total of 187 points reached first place. Cornellà Atletico with 167, Valladolid Athletics Club, with 165.5and Celtic Women’s Athletics, with 163.5 point. The meeting was very balanced, with the girls from the Athletic Youth of Elche finishing six runners-up and winning four tests, including two relays: 4×100 compound Martinez with a team of Rocío López, Miriam Cotillas, Sandra Moscardó and Carla Arwen; and 4×400 with integrated relay by Andrea Freijeiro, Elena Fernández, Raquel Echeverría and Paula Coves.

Taking this first place on the second match day of the Second Division Iberdrola League, Elche club qualified to play in the next league. June 11, match for the title of this category and in turn, to be promoted to the Honors Division,