Line Hockey Club’s Elche team Elche Savages The regional champion has been announced. The main value is that the organization and the amateur team were founded in 2020 and have won championships every year. They scored 22 points in the classification, one more than Dragones El Puig. They also played this growing rivalry, Nules Taurons, Titanes Elche, Llops Vila-Real and Diablos Mislata. The asset creates fans in: El Toscar Sports Centerwhere he played his matches. They remember on their website that their passion was hockey.

This crazyIt was the Viking warriors, half-naked, covered in fur, that gave the team its name. “They went into battle in a certain psychotic trance, almost insensitive to pain, as strong as bears or bulls, and they came to bite their shields, and there was no fire or steel to stop them. They went into battle in blind fury, even without armor or protection; It has even been seen that they jumped from a drakkar early into the water and drowned without doing anything. His presence frightened his enemies and even his fellow warriors, because trance They were not in a position to distinguish allies from enemies,” he explains on their website.