A Florentine Perezcfor omo Hannibal Smith, The A-Team boss also loves when plans go well. and signing Kylian Mbappe He is relentlessly carrying out the stages planned by Real Madrid to lead to the announcement of the French striker’s arrival. Santiago Bernabeu.

Decision taken

Last night, during the celebration of the French football premiere, kylian selected as the best player League Y Karim Benzema best Gaelic player outside FranceThe Paris Saint-Germain striker took another step forward. “I can’t say anything about my future, but you will find out very soon… The decision has been made. Before joining the France team in June, I will officially announce my decision about the future,” Mbappe warned, at the insistence of the journalist and a friend and idol. Thierry Henryhe was especially keen on trying to make something out of her about his future.

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The road map drawn by Real Madrid continues. After closing the preliminary deal for his signing, the pressures PSG had placed on the player seemed to cool the issue. Once the salary and contract bonus were agreed, the only issue that needed to be settled was the player’s image rights issue. Mbappe and his representative attorney Delphine Verheyden They’ve made it clear that the player wants to continue to own them, but Real Madrid tightened up on the fact that the club should also take advantage of them, as signing the club will trigger media coverage and advertising deals. Eventually, the deal between both parties was closed, followed by Kylian’s blitz visit to Madrid last week, accompanied by friend and colleague. Achraf Judge, old Madrid.

After all the points of the negotiation are closed and the deal is prepared, all that is left is mbappe announces his arrival to the white team. Announcement hours are called by the player who should play the last league match with Fenerbahçe. PSG in front of his fans. kylian He wants to be respectful of his current club, for which he is grateful for the opportunity given to him. PSG plans to play a friendly match after finishing the league and it will be after those commitments when Kylian announces that he is leaving the league. Real Madrid.

Champions First

The striker wants to achieve the concentration of the French team as a ‘Madridista’ and is determined to be able to focus on the matches with the unknown. blues they have to play against Denmark, Croatia Y Austriabetween Nations League That’s why the announcement will come at the end of May, and Real Madrid wants it not to be made before the final, this newspaper has learned. Champions which is real Madrid will play against him Liverpool exactly on the 28th Paris. This way they will avoid diverting attention from Real Madrid and save more noise around the team. Carlo Ancelotti. Something that Kylian will take as a sign of respect for those who will be her new teammates. if you plan Florentine if he continued his course, the madridists would celebrate their 14th anniversary of the conquest. European cup with the subsequent announcement of your arrival mbappe for Bernabeu. and overcome the obstacle Nasser Al-Khelaifithe plan can only spoil it Jurgen Klopp.