Chanel rules: It’s Spain’s turn at Eurovision

Fixing the shot has always been difficult for Spain. Eurovision. In fact, it seems that the only two victories our country cherishes came almost unexpectedly: Massiel with his interpretation. at the extremes After the rudeness of Serrat and Salomé, with this award for four who are not in anyone’s country. The later major proposals, BC. youth, Bravo, Anabel Conde anyone Sergio Do not plunge… but we always lacked to reach that peak that melted Europe down. This Saturday, channel He achieved more than he achieved. He gave us back the victory we lost 27 years ago: third place and 459 votes. And although it’s true rose lopez Y Beth They got us excited to the core, the truth is that then the chances of winning were not that great.

slow motion He had everything to rock: a heart-stopping staging, a current melody, a dizzying dance crew, an unparalleled charisma… and above all, a singer who could do it perfectly in front of 200 million viewers. Probably, almost without realizing it, we are facing each other. The most rounded Spanish nomination of our passage through the competition. His bronze medal tastes like gold, because the momentum and freedom with which he worked was completely unknown in Spain. And, hey, it’s addicting.

His victory brings up cases where something went wrong when he stepped onto the scene even though the base was good. They are there, for example, barei, Sureya anyone Ruth Lawrence. They wanted to make groundbreaking bets but ran into TVE. So they had to adapt staging as much as they could… which undoubtedly made them shine less than they deserved. Not because their songs were bad or because the vocal conditions weren’t ready, but because they lacked other closing elements. package complete. Something awarded at Eurovision. And a lot. As with Chanel, which won the jury from 34 countries, eight of which gave us the highest marks. twice as much Betty Missiego Obtained in 1979. Our record so far.

For the first time, Spain is on par with the eternal favourites, Sweden or Italy. These two countries set trends every year, just for this reason: They look for perfection in their pre-selection and transfer it to the festival. Neither more nor less. The work is usually done from home, so they always work very well. Even this 2022, reaching the fourth and sixth places respectively. It’s a formula the UK has also tried after five years of failure. They spaceman It was overwhelming in every way.

Little needs to be added about Ukraine. The emotional factor played a key role, although it was part of the game. Songs stir emotions and we fall in love with the heart, as in any art. Kalush Orchestra He sang to us in pain, and it’s impossible not to feel indebted when faced with such a cry. Yes, Eurovision is a music competition… but it’s also emotional. In this sense, let’s recall the stories of overcoming. salvador sobral (Portugal), Network (Israel) or Duncan Lawrence (Holland). This does not take anything away from Chanel. On the contrary, he single-handedly managed to make his song as much like France or Germany as Armenia or Montenegro. And it is available to very few. With or without grief behind it.

set for success

In recent years, Spain has had the opportunity to come out of the pot. However, many of us chose to be conservative rather than draw attention. this is the case Badfrom mother war Y Aytana. ANYONE bite mefrom Maria Escarmiento. And if we look back a little further, we see moon loverfrom Melody Y vivancos. without forgetting the Queen of the Nightfrom looking at her. ANYONE sexual revolutionfrom blue house. Here we were sometimes afraid to take the lead… because it means facing success and it scares us when we are not prepared.

We now. Or rather, we want to be. win Eurovision, the triumph of our culture. The things that make us so special. What unites us with Albania? Or with Norway? Music. Out of the veins. The real one. Chanel has been pure Spanish essence. His power, his footwork, his ostentatiousness, his looks, his presence… It served to draw Europe’s attention back to us. Above all, at a time when Spanish heritage was a source of fascination. The next challenge will be to sustain what seems like a hallucination today. Spain is on the right track to win in the coming years. Time to refine a little more. At least, we are racing again. This time, yes.

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