This golden state warriors They returned. After two years of no playoffs, the team of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson stepped up in the final quarter to beat this Friday. Memphis Grizzlies (110-96) and enter the Western Conference finals (4-2).

The winners of the three rings (2015, 2017 and 2018) have suffered a serious injury in recent years. But already with their three columns on the court (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green), the Warriors have regained that great and overwhelming basketball that was an NBA sensation. Despite playing the third game in a row without star Ja Morant, they didn’t come easy against a grueling Grizzlies who fought to the last drop. In the end, the Warriors’ stunning 32-19 streak in the fourth quarter yielded to these young, brash and admirable Grizzlies. Curry, who was the mainstay of the Warriors with Klay Thompson, 30 points (8/14 three pointers) and 8 rebounds, recorded 12 points in the last quarter and finished the game with 29 points and 7 rebounds. Draymond Green (14 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists), Andrew Wiggins (10 points in the last quarter) and Kevon Looney (22 rebounds, 11 offense) were also important in such a tough and challenging game. Dillon Brooks (30 points) and Desmond Bane (25 points and 7 rebounds) led the Grizzlies, who lost the game on the rebound (44-70 for the Warriors).

Still without their coach Steve Kerr due to the coronavirus, the San Francisco fans will face the winner of the semifinals between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks, which will be determined in Game seven on Sunday.

the last storm

After the disaster of game five (134-95), the Warriors had tasks ahead of them. Thompson jumped right in, finishing the first quarter with 11 points and a solid local performance. The Grizzlies weren’t scared, they had a great Brooks (12 points in the first quarter), but 7 of the Warriors’ 13 three-pointers were too much gunpowder in the first quarter (30-26).

In the second quarter, the game entered a crazy period. The Grizzlies hit the table as Thompson looked like he was running for a stampede on his own with two more three-pointers (5 out of 7 in the first half). Imposing their frightening athleticism on the defense and Brooks and Jackson Jr. relentlessly setting the offensive pace, Memphis reversed the score with a staggering 0-14 run (first half 44-51 and 4:26). The Warriors didn’t give a fuck and were surprisingly sloppy, losing 12 balls in the first half. However, a run in the final four minutes where Curry took advantage of a Memphis loose moment gave the Warriors the first-half lead (53-51) after a 9-0 run.

More intense than bright, the match ended with a poor 35% accuracy for both teams. The third quarter began with an exciting trade-off as neither team managed to control the game: Thompson scored eight points in a row against the Warriors, and the Grizzlies were inspired by Bane. The Warriors had the same problems as they did in the first half: for every step they took to score, they took another step back with countless turnovers. So the Warriors and the Grizzlies left everything unsolved in the last quarter (78-77).

Wiggins fed Curry brilliantly during the timeout, but Bane put his team up with three three-pointers (87-89 with 6.55 remaining). But then the Warriors storm came. A triple storm (three by Curry) and stifling the Grizzlies on defense and offensive rebounds, while the Warriors started with a smashing 19-5 run in five minutes, which caused enthusiasm among their fans and brought heads to Memphis. .