Learn about the cultural exhibits you can visit in the Community of Valencia this weekend.

out of them Date being held multiple cultural exhibitions across the community You can enjoy this weekend in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. Also on May 18 international museum dayis a day that always promotes new exhibitions and museum events in different provinces of the region. Below are some of the offers you can visit.


During this weekend, you can enjoy the last days of the exhibition, which continues throughout f.Photos and visuals of the history of the Alicante police. Unpublished documents are also shown, for example: Establishment action of the Alicante police and first regulation “Alicante Municipal Guard”. The exhibition can be visited until May 15th.

Michael Jenkins and Javier Romero major owners of contemporary art Choosing MACA as a place to announce More than 290 works of art of different artists 40% women, often forgotten in such arts; together artists from other continents to showcase a wide variety of styles and perspectives. Works by authors such as Arturo Herrera, Glenn Ligon, Elena Aguilera, Kara Walker or Vik Muniz are on display. The exhibition will remain open until May 29.


Castellón celebrates in style international museum day Together wide variety of events and exhibitions, under the slogan “The power of museums”. Some museums Exhibitors Castellón Fine Arts Museum, Castellón Contemporary Art Space, Museum Molí del Sol on the coast, Museum Cova del Castell, Font dels Regatxols Refrigerator or the Vicente Aguilera Cerni Museum of Contemporary Art in Vilafamès. More information can be found in the program. You can visit the exhibition between 17-22 May.

ONCE Foundation and Benicarló Department of Culture organize this exhibition visit next june In the Benicarló Museum (CHALLENGE). The exhibition helps give artists a kind of visibility. disability and show an interpretation of the world from different perspectives and it can be shown through art that society is changing and adapting to new realities. Available From 8 June


This University of Valencia brings an exhibition historical tour With the work of artists like Joaquín Sorolla, Goya or José Vergara, he invites us to think about how he coped. Valencian society It has different rooms for mental illnesses throughout 6 centuries of history and can be visited inside. La Nau’s space at the University of Valencia. Valid until October 23.

Fernando Perez brings us this exhibition about himself. aesthetic and technical appearance world from pictorial Realism. all one collection made in very clear oil to represent man’s idea of ​​beauty, reality, and identity. In this exhibition, he shows us his last 13 works that reflect his own life. style and personality. Available until May 29.

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