Nothing new under the sun and rain, yeah, yeah, it shimmered dangerously Mongolian In the middle of the MotoGP mini-race on Saturdays, from the race to what they call a ‘sprint’, there was nothing unpredictable, so the Ducati ‘Desmosedici’ was not predicted to be even more powerful. This is evident on this beautiful track in Tuscany, where the Borgo Panigale factory is trying to fully test all of its motorcycles, both racing and street. Thousands of Ducati fans celebrated his dominance, and his new idol ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia is wearing a new helmet, as it’s written: “How beautiful is Mugello”.

So the world champion ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, who got angry (for no reason) in the morning marc marquez (Sling) He followed the wheel and was about to steal the ‘pole’, making his life difficult in the first two laps but winning with tremendous dominance (if that’s what one might call being chased and hearing other people’s engines), Márquez himself, who got off to a very good start, Jorge Martín who will finish third and ambitious marco bezzecchiNear Bagnaia, he finally continues his second place in the Drivers’ World Championship today.

Bastianini’s new name Bezzecchi

Once these attempts to complicate the life of the best and best motorcycle are overcome, Bagnaia simply stayed away from Bezzecchi.closing the doors to him in the last two laps (‘Bezz had no chance to put the bike in) and finally, winning the 11-lap race by adding a few points that kept him leading, although not far from Bezzecchi. In 2023 Enea Bastianini has become the fashionable kid.

To give you an idea of ​​what I’ve been telling you about Ducati’s dominance, as to how monstrous the ‘Desmosedici’ supremacy is, I’m going to tell you they’re in the top five at home. Race with Bagnaia, Bezzecchi, MartinJohann Zarco trying to beat the Madrid man to steal the podium on the final lap (he failed) and Valentino Rossi’s ‘step-brother’ Luca Marini, who took to the track to encourage and recommend his favorite student ‘Bezz’ rather than a relative.

everything is controlled

“Everything went as planned,” commented Pecco’ Bagnaia, almost without ruffling his hair, “at the end of the race. When I say everything was planned, not excessive, please, this I wanted to start well, put myself forward because I saw myself in a very good rhythm. and don’t make my life difficult. I just suffered a little when it started raining, because there were places with water, yes, but again, everything was under control.”

Drivers World Cup: 1. ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Italy, Ducati), 106 points; 2. Marco Bezzecchi (Italy, Ducati), 102; 3. Jaime Martin (Spain, Ducati), 87; 4. Brad Binder (South Africa, KTM), 81 and 5. Johann Zarco (France, Ducati), 72.