Match formation vs. Flamengo, for the 2023 Copa Libertadores: called up, possible eleven and substitutes

The Academy, already classified in the round of 16 and looking for first place, had an accident on the way to the Maracana, but did not regret injuries.

to race They are clearly two very different teams in the leagues they face this semester. Last Saturday he cut a streak of seven without winning in the local tournament, of which he had lost six, but at the same time he has already guaranteed their qualification for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores in Group A It seemed so much harder than it turned out. The draw between Aucas and Ñublense was the result that allowed us to celebrate as the team traveled to Rio de Janeiro.

And when the party in the Maracana vs Flamengo He introduced himself as the main and where he would try not to come back empty handed he has a great chance of taking first place with only a draw as he takes a whopping five points with six on the game of the last champion, that in case he doesn’t win, he has to decide in the final one-on-one with Aucas.


As the buses transporting the Racing delegation were on their way from the hotel to the stadium, there was a chain collision between the vehicles due to the motorcycle crossing the highway, but luckily no one was injured.

“Nothing happened, the whole entourage is here. It was a stroke of luck, the tension was relieved because there were no injuries. We want to bring peace of mind to the bereaved family that we are all right,” Victor Blanco said on ESPN, explaining that “some motorcycles crossing the main bus and there was a pile-up. The other two buses were unable to continue the journey. We went to the third and now they’re all here.”


After several weeks with numerous casualties and having to play several matches with emergency teams, Fernando Gago can celebrate today that practically the entire squad is at his disposal, with the return of Nicholas Reniero after bone edema.

In fact, the only player who has stayed and stayed in Avellaneda this season, Maxi Romero, who has not yet fully recovered from a grade 2 tear in his right quadriceps, suffered precisely in the game against Fla they played in the Cilindro. It should be remembered that the other absentees are with much more serious injuries, although they have almost fully recovered Emiliano Vecchio, Leonel Miranda and, to a lesser extent, Carlos Carbonero.


Although the standings were sealed on Wednesday night, Gago will join the Maracana best equipment availablewhich is basically the same one that beat Banfield 2-0 last weekend matia rojas that he will try to recover from a night where he didn’t have a good time due to the missed penalty and his almost certain exit when the contract expires.

The only doubt was in the attack with the continuity of Guerrero or the return of Reniero, with the return of the latter.

The eleven? Gabriel Arias; Facundo Mura, Leonardo Sigali, Gonzalo Piovi, Gabriel Rojas; Jonatan Gomez, Anibal Moreno, Nicolas Oroz; Gabriel Hauche, Nicolas Reniero, Matias Rojas.


Tagliamonte, Insúa, Galván, Pillud, Quirós, Avilés, Moralez, Rodríguez, Cabellos, Vera, Fertoli and Guerrero.

Source: Goal


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