See LIVE ONLINE Everton – San Felipe for the Copa Chile 2023: when is it, where, what time and how to watch it online via streaming and TV channel

Ruleteros and Aconcagüinos define the qualifier for the regional semifinals of the traditional tournament in Sausalito.

The Sausalito Stadium will be responsible for hosting the main crossing Everton And San Felipe Unionwho will face each other this Saturday the 24th in the quarter-finals of the North Central Zone of the Copa Chile 2023, a traditional tournament that automatic deliverypreviously the quota for the 2024 Copa Libertadores as “Chile 4”.

ruletero’s team was ticketed to this round after winning the lead 7-1 to Population Los Nogales from Central Station at La Florida’s Bicentennial Stadium. They scored for the Viña Marino team Emiliano Ramos (15′), Sebastián Sáez (31′), Benjamín Berríos (43′), Ismael Sosa (50′), Pedro Sánchez (63′), Rodrigo Echeverría (70′) and Matías Campos López (87′). While on site, Matías Pino set the discount to 90 + 3′.

For their part, Los Aconcagüinos won the penalty shootout over San Luis after equalizing 1-1 in regular time and with one man less after Ítalo Müller’s exclusion at 51′. For him Uni Uni converted from 11 meters Gerardo Cortés, Josepablo Monreal, Mario Briceño, Christian Cepeda and Gonzalo Espinoza. Goalkeeper Andrés Fernández stopped Ariel Cáceres’ third shot.

It should be remembered that in the last edition, the Gold and Sky did not progress beyond the round of 16 and were eliminated by Magallanes. Same situation as the Albirrojoswhich were left on the road after being removed by Cat Universityolic. To find the most recent precedent, you have to go back to the 2016 version: in the first round, the team training today Francisco Meneghini reachedor go through for a 6-1 overall (1-3, first leg and 3-0, second leg).

This key is played in one match and the winner must face the winner of the clash between the Crusaders and Santiago Wanderers in the regional semifinals.

TNT Sports, which owns the exclusive broadcasting rights for this match, decided not to broadcast it live, so it couldmore follow the details GOAL.

Source: Goal


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