The Premier League is knocking on Chile’s door: a bid from Leicester for Dario Osorio

One of the main gems of the secular quarry has another chance to make the leap to Europe.

A year ago, before the Premier League 2022/2023 started, University of Chile turned down an offer from Wolverhampton Wanderers for Dario Osorio. You had to increase your aim, the player also wanted to wait. After being a figure at León in the first half of ’22, his level dropped, but he remained in the XI of a club that eventually escaped relegation for the fourth consecutive year. Six months ago at the U they said no to 6 million from AC Milan, but the third time should be a charm: the Leicester city He tries to capture him with number 11 who trains daily at the Blue Sports Center.

The Foxes will send Santiago a nearly $7 million bid for Osorio, a figure Azul Azul wouldn’t even dare to question, especially after a very opaque first round on the part of secular value. It involves 100% of the midfielder’s pass, who can play as an attacking midfielder, winger on both sides and second striker.

During his marathon career, Osorio Osorio has scored 8 goals for the team that formed him, in addition to playing for Chile against Tunisia, Ghana and Poland, three international friendlies. And even though LCFC are close to being relegated to the Championship, they are willing to put up the ticket and have a pre-season job ahead of time where they will face Tottenham and Liverpool in the first place. Already inside the Chilean jewel?

Source: Goal


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