With an undisputed basketball show, The Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat 110-97 on Thursday. and reaffirmed the victory harvested two days ago in Miami. Get close to 2-3 in the NBA East Finals and feed their ambitions to achieve an unprecedented comeback after losing 0-3 in the series.

The Celtics are at their best when they’re against the wall. TD Garden’s win was their fourth win in these ‘playoffs’ in life and death games, and pressure is mounting for the coming Heat with a tailwind, as Joe Mazzulla’s men continue to push back to Miami for Game six on Saturday. in the show.

A battle against history for the 17-time NBA champion Celtics. No franchise has managed to move forward after losing 3-0 in a series of ‘playoffs’ in 150 precedents. After her exhibit at TD Garden, Boston was halfway through.

The Celtics, who started the regular season very slowly last year, got used to the ups and downs before reaching the finals against the Golden State Warriors. But even that season, Boston was far from undefeated at the Garden, and his home playoff record in two years was 10-11 before that clash.

The answer was clear and powerful. Hosted by TD Garden. Celtics monologueBeyond seeing their incomes drop in the last minutes, there is no star on the track, who has used his advantage from the beginning and never let go. They always win after this season when they’re over 40% in three-point shooting, and they completed 16 (41%) of their 39 tries this Thursday. Derrick White was the game’s high scorer with 24 points and 6 3-pointers out of 8. Marcus Smart added 23 points, 4 3-pointers, Jayson Tatum added 21 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists, and Jaylen Brown added 21 points.

Jimmy Butler failed to pass 14 points and Bam Adebayo failed to pass 16 points. Erik’s team made a good contribution from the bench with 18 points from Spoelstra Duncan Robinson, 15 from Haywood Highsmith and 14 from Caleb Martin, but never had the advantage in the game.

Celtics come out to bite

It was played in a packed TD Garden, prepared for big games, and the Celtics were biting from the get-go, aggressive every game, strong on the three-point line and experienced rebounding. The four Celtics players were already scoring even points in the 61-point first half, led by Jaylen Brown’s 15th and Derrick White’s 14th; Tatum had 12 and Marcus Smart had 13. He was the runner-up, uniting the trio in the first period, the best defender of the past year. Celtics sprinting 12-0 to kick the ground (18-5). In this game, Horford’s job came to the fore, capturing one of his three offensive rebounds in the first half and providing an assist. Another trio signed by White, this time at the bell of the first quarter, sent clear signals to the Heat, who were down fifteen points after the first quarter and had a twenty-five hit in the second period after suffering a fresh 12-3 (12-3).61-41). Boston shot over 40% in that first half and already had thirteen second chance points after the first two quarters.

white, sniper

In both Game 1 and Game 2 of this series, the Celtics took double-digit wins at the Garden. They didn’t make that mistake again this Thursday. Dominant from start to finish, White, a sniper, and fed by Marcus Smart, continued to damage Heat from 3-point range. The advantage reached 23 points, Tatum devoted himself to giving his teammates rhythm (five assists) and the Heat found no response to contain the local momentum despite Bam Adebayo’s 10 points. White finished his game with 6 of 8 three-pointers and was some Celtics’ top scorer, pushing the lead to 24 points on the winning streak. 96-72.

All of this turned the last minutes into a formality, and Mazzulla rested their star, who was already staring at the sixth game. Spoelstra did the same with their leader. Of course, the Celtics’ concentration drop was used by the Heat to score ten points, even though the duel was already penalized.

A series that looked like it was decided three days ago is now openingCeltics history is halfway through a miracle.