LIVE Independiente vs Colón for the Binance 2023 Tournament: Recap, Goals, Online Match, Result, Videos, Controversies and Formations

El Rojo have not won since their debut and Stillitano’s cycle is drawing to a close, in a game that saw the most unusual penalty in recent times.

Independent He can’t break that streak of losses that has followed him since that victory he promised on the first date and was left like an island in a campaign that is starting to worry and likely to cost Leandro Stillitano dearly, the big bet of the new leadership he wanted to face a heavy financial legacy, but he put together a squad that is light years away from the club’s history.

But no analysis is possible without first going through the game that is sure to go around the world: Colón choked the Reds and Rodrigo Rey became a figure, with the game still tied. But Sabalero had to take the goal kick, Chicco gave the ball to Goltz and the veteran goalkeeper caught the ball with his hand, believing that he should be the one to take the kick. After much deliberation, Lamolina cleared for a penalty and Giménez made it 2-1.

But nothing goes well for Independiente: they couldn’t close it, they fell asleep in defense and Barcia grabbed Wanchope’s shirt in the 53rd minute. As if that wasn’t enough, Rey saved Ábila’s penalty, but the rebound was served to him 2 -2. And he could even lose it in the final, but the goalkeeper obscured an incredible chance for Pierotti, who once again aroused the widespread whistle.

Before all that ending wasn’t for the faint of heart there was a game where the local team again came out unfocused and were down after 12 minutes due to Pierotti’s great goal, but they recovered to score Avellaneda’s first penalty of the night, converted by Cauteruccio . And when the momentum of the draw should have led him to be more offensive, he never found a way around the game.

There are already seven games Independiente have played without winning and the weight is mounting on Stillitano, who would have his last hours as DT of the team he is a fan of, but to which he never returned.

The program of the Binance Professional League Tournament 2023: fixtures, dates, schedule and results

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  • The minute after minute between the Red and the Sabalero.
  • COLUMBUS TARGET! They did it to Wanchope, he kicked it and covered Rey but kept the rebound and the 2-2 goal
  • INDEPENDENT TARGET! Giménez converted the penalty into a goal and put Red ahead
  • The most unusual penalty in history! Chicco touched the ball to serve, Goltz grabbed it with his hand again and Lamolina had no choice but to take the maximum penalty
  • INDEPENDENT TARGET! El Rojo recovered quickly with the penalty that put Cauteruccio within 1-1
  • COLUMBUS TARGET! Pierotti killed it and defined with his left foot, the VAR confirmed there was no offside and the Reds lose very early
  • And with these eleven, the Sabalero is looking for his first victory
  • This is how Red goes, desperately seeking victory
  • Good afternoon and welcome to another broadcast of GOAL. Independiente will face Colón on date 8 of the Binance 2023 tournament at the Libertadores de América stadium.



The match between Rojo and Sabalero will be broadcast in Argentina by ESPN premiumsignal available only to those who have contracted the football package with their cable television companies.

ESPN premium



Rodrigo Rey; Cristian Báez, Luciano Gómez, Joaquín Laso, Ayrton Costa; Nicolás Vallejo, Sergio Ortíz, Kevin López, Baltasar Barcia; Matias Gimenez and Martin Cauteruccio. DT: Leandro Stillitano.


Ignacio Chicco; Facundo Garces, Stefano Moreyra, Paolo Goltz, Rafael Delgado; Julián Chicco, Juan Pablo Álvarez, Santiago Pierotti, Carlos Arrua; Joaquin Ibanez and Jorge Benitez.

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