Russian goalkeeper “Islanders” Sorokin answers question about his relationship with actress Margot Roby 09:52

National Hockey League (NHL) Islanders club Russian goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin was shocked to learn that he was in a relationship with famous actress Margot Roby. The girl was first seen at an NHL game in 2013. Tog

“Come on, post the link asap. Yes, I know him, he’s been on The Wolf of Wall Street. But maybe people got it wrong. He’s a Rangers fan, he always sat in a Lundqvist jersey at his games. Now, probably, Igor Shesterkin’ in your shirt.

No, this is not true, I am not familiar with it, ā€¯quotes Sorokin “Sport Express”.

Sorokin has been playing for the Islanders since 2021, this is his first club abroad. He previously played in Russia for CSKA and Metallurg.

The Russian player made 38 appearances in the NHL this season and conceded 89 goals. In four of 38 games, Sorokin left his net intact. His team is 10th in the Eastern Conference.

Sorokin is the gold holder of the 2018 Olympic Games. In addition, as part of the Russian national team, they took bronze medals at the world championships three times.

Formerly Ilya Sorokin on the team told him why they laughed at him.

Source: Gazeta


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