Arturo Vidal explodes for not participating in the exchange against Boavista

The Chilean was ineligible in the last Cariocao match for the Club World Cup and threw a bottle away.

Minute 83. Vitor Pereira decides for Marinho and Matheus Franca. Flamengo burns his changes. The 5 allowed against Boavista. Earlier, Ayrton Lucas, Erick Pulgar and Éverton Cebolinha entered the last half hour together. With 20 to go, Pedro would score the only goal of the night. In 1983, when the Mengao coaching staff decided who would be the last drinks of the night, on the bench a heartbroken Arturo Vidal, with minutes against Palmeiras last weekend and none in Brazil’s farewell for the trip to Tangier for the Club World Cup, found himself unable to play and threw his bottle next to firing away of a pair of football boots. Colleagues like captain Éverton Ribeiro, at his side, did not react and understood the anger of a champion who always wants to be there.

Source: Goal


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