Press conference for the presentation of Bryan Gil and Pape Gueye in Seville live: video, where to watch on TV, streaming and live online

The two new arrivals of the Nervión club have already spent their first hours in their new home.

Sevilla will present its last two additions to the 2023 winter market on January 31, as Bryan Gil and Pape Gueye, who come from Tottenham Hotspur and Olympique Marseille without an option to buy

Bryan Gil: “I’m very excited to return home”

Your yield: “I think I can contribute to the team what it needs. I come here to help, enjoy myself and be an even better player. I feel very happy, very excited to return to what was my home, to the club that saw me grow. It’s something I’ll have to earn, we’ll have to fight for the position and if I can play as much as possible, the better.”

I eat haha changed: “My season at Eibar was the best I’ve ever had, even though we were relegated. In London it cost me a little more because of the language. I think all the experiences add up, good or not so good.”

Your position ideal: “Where I feel most comfortable is playing on the left, but if the coach asks I can play on the right, I’ve played there too”.

The attempt until yield: “I think it was for both sides. They made a terrible effort too, we did what we could. I insisted I wanted to get out and I wanted to be here”.

The quarry from Seville: “I think the Seville academy is without a doubt one of the best in Spain. This season there are many players who have found their way into the first team.”

The choice from yield: “A very obvious question at the time of the elections. When Seville was presented as an option, both my environment and my agent knew that it was my intention to come here”.

Pape Gueye: “I know Sampaoli and we had a great season”

sensations: “First of all I would like to thank all the staff and players of Sevilla for their warm welcome. I already knew Sampaoli from his time at Marseille, we had a great season.” I’m very happy to be here, I really want to start playing.”

Your style from agreement: “I’m quite an aggressive midfielder, I would say. The coach called me, talked to me, he knows the qualities I can bring to the team. I think I’m also a technical player.”

Chosen to the Seville: “Seville is a great club. I knew Sevilla before I came here. They are part of the top 5 teams in Spain. I didn’t hesitate for a second. It was a great opportunity for me, with a very important story.” I’ve seen all the trophies in the museum and the truth is I’ve seen Sevilla games, I’ve seen their game over the weekend and I’m really happy to be here, in a really big team”.

Your experience with Sampaoli: “Yes, it’s true that I made a lot of progress with Sampaoli. I played a lot with him in Marseille. Then a new coach came with new ideas and I had to respect him. I’m young but I have experience I hope keep playing, make progress…”.

Partners and adaptation: “I’ve talked to a lot of players. This morning they received me very well. Fernando is an icon in this team. I think he will be a big help to me. I’m going to learn a lot from him in this position.” I’m very happy. They helped me a lot, they are all very nice to me. Badé is a good friend of mine before we were teammates. A few years ago I was his captain and now he is the one who welcomes me to this team.”

Press conference for the presentation of Bryan Gil and Pape Gueye in Seville live: video, where to watch on TV, streaming and live online

All Sevilla press conferences for the 2022-2023 Sevilla season can be viewed at

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