Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic His schedule was hit by a setback when it was announced that the US restrictions on foreigners wishing to enter the country if they had the Covid vaccine were announced, so it looks like Indian Wells and Miami won’t be playing Masters 1,000. .

The current number five in the world is lucky these days to have returned to Australia after being deported last year for lack of vaccination and a few unpleasant days and detentions. The ocean nation has opened its restrictions and ‘Nole’ will choose his 22nd ‘Grand Slam’ at the Australian Open in mid-January.

However, the Belgrade player currently playing in the Adelaide tournament, you will not be able to enter United States of America Ever since the North American country announced it would require proof of vaccination by April 10. After what happened to him in Australia last year, ‘Nole’ has no intention of arguing any further.

Thus, the Serbian player is aiming to forego his Indian Wells and Miami appointments starting March 6 and 20, and may re-orient his calendar after seeking his tenth title in Australia considering his land tour. Last year, ‘Nole’ didn’t play in America’s tournaments either, and in 2022 he’s blown out of the mud.