Víctor Barberá’s solo goal in the 63rd minute lost Eldense the lead On this day when Fernando Estévez’s team deserves better luckaccording to match and goal chances, Barcelona vs Atlètic. The local team weren’t better, but they were more successful in front of the goal and used their only goal to win the match.

The match started with Eldense. With its wings trying to surprise with its freshness in attack, with high pressure and fast internet, However, the first dangerous shot into the goal came from the Catalan team, a far but powerful shot. Akhomarch Who went over the crossbar?

As a result, the game was encouraged and the match went to a draw with equal chances for both teams. Among the most notable, it is worth mentioning the one who has. In the 20th minute, Roberto for Barça B blocked the goal with a brilliant interception by Vallejo.. it happened shortly after Local goalkeeper Arnau Tenas who showed off to avoid the Eldas goal.

As early as 26 minutes Juanto enjoyed the clearest chance with a spin shot that Arnau Tenas did his best. so the ball hit the pole.

During the first half, possession was somewhat in Barcelona’s favour, but play and control were very even, even with the same number of shots on goal.

The second part started the same way. Eldense offered Very good image against a Blaugrana subsidiary trying to have the ball, Despite many difficulties due to the good work of Fernando Estévez’s team.

However, after the break, Víctor Barberá appeared as a refresher to destabilize the game. With a shot from the whole squad to the goal in the 63rd minute.

far from crashing Eldense sought the opposing goal more intensely and enjoyed multiple dangerous arrivals that forced the locals to take more precautions than usual.. In fact, the elderly, who clearly dominated the last minutes, did not throw the towel until the last moment.

Fernando Estévez’s effort and good play paid off and Barcelona Atlético took the points. painfully, this gets you closer to promoted promotion positions.

Eldense players were disappointed that they didn’t get anything positive from a game they had dominated many times and deserved better. The defeat prevents Estévez’s team from taking the lead and they will share points with leader Castellón to finish the day in second place.. The next day, he will get amorebietadirect competitor in high positions.


BARCELONA B: Arnau Tenas, Chadi Riad, Marc Casadó (Carbonell, 62), Álvaro Sanz, Roberto (Víctor Barberá, 46), Nuñez, Juanda (Zalaya, 89), Txus Alba (Aranda, 75), Pelayo, Álex Valle and Akhomach (Luismi ) Cross, 62).

CD ELDENSE: Vallejo, Toni Abad, Álex Martínez, Pardo, Ortuño (Fernando Pajarero, 83), Soberón, Fran Carnicer (Miguel Núñez, 61), Diego González, Clemente (Luque Jr, 71), Capó (Cris Montes, 61), and Juanto ( Cristian Lopez, 71).

JUDGE: Fulgencio Madrid Martinez. Barça showed yellow cards to Marc Casadó for Atlètic, Fran Carnicer for Eldense, Ortuño, Juanto and Clemente.

AIM: 1-0, 63 minutes, Victor Barberá.

STADIUM: Johan Cruyff.