The Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) this Wednesday be surprised by the decision International Olympic Committee (IOC) postponing the board’s decision Winter Olympics 2030That the Japanese city of Sapporo is a candidate.

“I was frankly surprised”said JOC chairman Yasuhiro Yamashita in statements collected by local agency Jiji.

northern city Japan “Has most of the facilities already built and reformed”Emphasizing that the Asian country’s administrative capacity was “very valuable” after holding the Tokyo Summer Games last year, Yamashita said.

“We will continue to negotiate the agenda with the IOC” and special procedures after the decision taken the previous day,” he said.

The person in charge of JOC also described it as “imagination”. Increasing legal issues affecting the organization of Tokyo 2020 and related entities could undermine Sapporo’s candidacy.

Japanese authorities have suspiciously arrested former members of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and companies subcontracted by this organization. be involved in a bribery network regarding the granting of sponsorship for the event.

Japanese advertising giant Dentsu, who allegedly took bribes, is also targeted. a parallel investigation into blatant misconduct In the tenders to organize the test events of the last Olympic Games in the Japanese capital.

These obvious reasons add to a long list of scandals the organization has wrought, which adds to the perception that the Winter Games are wrong. May cause inconvenience to Sapporo residentsIt has undermined public support for Japan’s 2030 goal, although supporters insisted on continuing the project.

The IOC will decide on Tuesday on the venue for the 2030 Winter Games. There will be no voting in the 2023 Sessionas planned, but later.

The IOC stated that more time is needed. Discuss the challenges posed by climate change and the sustainability of the Winter Olympic Games.

The candidate cities to organize the 2030 edition together with Sapporo are as follows: Salt Lake City (USA) and Vancouver (Canada).

The three candidates were expected to meet this month. which would enter the next phase of “directed dialogue”? with the IOC to develop a solvent and sustainable project.