The video card market has collapsed by almost a third – the biggest drop since 2009

Analysts at Jon Peddie Research reported that 75.5 million video card graphics processors were shipped in the third quarter. This is 25.1% less than a year earlier and 10.3% less than in the second quarter.

At the same time, GPU shipments specifically for desktop cards fell 15.43% over the year and 30% for laptops. This is the biggest drop since 2009.

At the same time, Intel’s share was 72% at the end of the quarter, NVIDIA’s was 16% and AMD’s was 12%. Such a difference is due to the fact that almost all Intel processors have “embedded” processors, while other companies prioritize discrete cards.

As for the reasons, all companies mentioned similar ones – the shutdown of cryptocurrency mining due to a drop in profitability, sanctions against China and a general drop in demand after the pandemic.📯 The neural network Stable Diffusion showed famous actors in the form of pioneers

Source: VG Times


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