Former cyclist and sports director from Alicante Vincent Belda Assistantand his son, Vincent Belda GarciaMasseuse of the Astana team, investigated in plot dedicated to the distribution of prohibited drugs for doping that the athletes and the Civil Guard have liquidated the Central Operations Unit (UCO).

Sources close to the investigation told EFE that both involved illicit drug trafficking and alleged trafficking in illegal drugs and Marcos Maynar, a doctor and professor from the University of Extremadura (UNEX), who was arrested last May for alleged crimes. A judge released him on charges after he made a statement in Court No. 4 of Cáceres. According to EFE’s report, it is an operation in which Maynar’s assistant, who is an Exercise Physiology doctor, was also arrested.

in total they eight people were investigated in this conspiracyHaving specific tasks, including obtaining the chemical components that its members mix to make prohibited drugs, including Menotropin, which is then used for doping.

The network used the facilities of the University of Extremadura to serve clients captured by other members.

According to sources, Maynar allegedly carried out the attack. prepared training sessions for athletes, including a nutritional supplement containing drugs and substances prohibited in sports. And to make the “cocktail”, the client’s chances of winning at competitions have always been taken into account.

Another investigated in this case in the Basque Country is exclusionary Ángel Vázquez Iglesias, who was banned for doping from 2007 until 2010 but still managed to enter some competitions before the sanction period expired. Reports EFE.

Apparently, Vázquez Iglesias recruited children, among them a small federation in a provincial swimming federation, to send them to Maynar as clients.

An investigation was launched against him in the operation called Ilex. Colombian cyclist Miguel Ángel “Superman” López The Astana runner and Cáceres 4 are also accused in the investigation conducted by the court.

The investigation is still ongoing with the cooperation of security forces from other countries where these banned drugs are shipped.