Valladolid-Elche is one of the most traditional duels in Spanish football, with up to 22 repetitions on each field, and in the case of Martínez Valero, up to 23. In the Premier League, the game This Saturday (16:15) There were three local wins, three draws and eight times – with curiosity on the benches of Almirón and Pacheta. two franciverdes victories. At the José Zorrilla Municipal Stadium, the Elche team scored 11 goals for the Valladolid team and scored 13 goals.

in Elche There were also eight high-level meetings between the two clubs. Here are the balance tips in favor of the franciverde team, four wins, three draws and one losstwelve points for and 6 against.

His last franciverde victory on the opposing field was in the 1984-1985 season., on October 7th. He coached a team comprising Antonio Ruiz Cervilla, Miguel Recio, Morgado, López Pérez, Adriano Cano, Pérez García, Belanche, Ruiz Cámara, Germán Leguía, Julio Suárez, Boria and Juan Caballero. Anquela and Sánchez Lorenzo entered the second half and eventually scored the winning goal. The other goal came from Boria. Elche fell back 1-0.

Another visiting victory in Valladolid-Elche took place in the 1962-1963 campaign. The result was 0-2, the work of Luis Costa and Juan Romero. Pazos, Chancho, Campos, Forneris, Héctor Ramos, Pellejero, Cebrián, Cardona or Iborra also played in this group. The technician in charge was Otto Bumbel.

Last Elche-Valladolid played by Martínez Valero ANTONIO AMOROS

Valladolid-Elche played 11 times in the Second Division.with five local victories, four draws and two franciverdes wins.

In addition, two meetings were held King’s Cup On Castilian soil, with a local victory and a draw, with another Valladolid victory in the promotion match to the First Division.

In total, this match was played 22 times. Elche managed to get four wins and eight draws from José Zorrilla. He lost ten times there.

Training at Martínez Valero this morning to visit Valladolid AXEL ALVAREZ

The current situation of Elche after their recent home defeat against Getafe and where LaLiga has not been able to win since its inception, It is very difficult to break the negative statistics of the past. This game would have been worse if played in the middle of winter, as Real Valladolid is much more accustomed to the Castilian cold. The forecast for Saturday will be 15 degrees and clear skies.

Elche completely screwed up with the second-worst start to maximum competition. Valladolid, on the other hand, is new in the category, but ranks 11th. He has 14 points and has recorded two wins and one draw in his last five games. It comes from his loss to Osasuna (2-0) at Pamplona, ​​but before that he had beaten Real Sociedad (1-0) and Celta de Vigo (4-1) at home.

this The head referee of the match will be De Burgos Bengoechea. and Gil Manzano will be responsible for VAR.