this Betis He assured during his visit on Thursday Ludogorets Bulgarian water get to the last 16 end Europa League, He needed a point in one game to go all the way to the end of the group stage, but he managed with a 0-1 win with the French goal. Nabil Fekir in the second part.

The Spanish team was overtaken by the Bulgarian, who missed many opportunities to take the lead in the first half, but in the second half his ideas and physique slowly slipped away and Fekir’s action moved him. Not everything was happiness in the Sevilla teamThey had to leave early because of it. Injury of winger Joaquín Sánchez and Argentine midfielder Guido Rodriguez.

The Andalusian team went to the Bulgarian city to mathematically close the first place in the group and make it clear that next Thursday’s match against HJK Helsinki at the Benito Villamarín stadium will already be a real sporting process.

Since the other day, with a draw in Sevilla against Rome, with a pass that decided to move on to the next stage of the tournament, the prize for first place was important because this way you went straight to the last 16 and avoided a draw against the previous draw. The rival bounced off the Champions League.

The point was worth it, but Chile Manuel Pellegrini He had warned the day before that a draw was the best way to lose, and even more in Villamarín, where Betis ended in a tough 3-2 fight against a team that has been stubborn in the Bulgarian league in recent years and has made things very difficult for the Andalusian line-up.

Coaching Slovenian Ante Simundza, the group’s intentions were soon seen in the very physical and counter attacks, as demonstrated from the first minutes by shots from Brazilian Jhonatan Lima ‘Richk’ or compatriot Cauly Olivera. situations.

Chile goal Claudio Bravo needed to be activated from the beginning. At this stage, it’s against an opponent who has already won at home against Portugal’s José Mourinho’s Roma and who, like Pellegrini’s, has all the illusion of being in the next stage of the continental tournament.

Another Brazilian trying his luck against Claudio Bravo was Igor Thiago, but the South American goalkeeper was wary again before Sevilla team captain Joaquín was forced to leave the pitch about half an hour after suffering in the area. It gave the opportunity to enter the young Brazilian Luiz Henrique, who jumped to the right calf after the goal.

The transition towards the time-out did not change much with Ludogorets, who did not stop trying against the guest goal, as in Betis’ trying to find the ball to control the game and a mid-kick that narrowly missed Ghana’s Bernard Tekpetey, causing them to enter the time-out with the first draw even though the Bulgarian team did not score. it happened.

From the start of the second half, Pellegrini brought in two key players, left-back Álex Moreno and playmaker Fekir, with the belief that Betis would have a more leading role than in the first half.

it was Fekir, who scored a goal shortly before the first quarter, restarted for an hour.Witry in one game where the visitors shot between the three posts, the locals claimed offside, but the French international was in the right position, with Dutch goalkeeper Sergio Padt in front of the defender Norwegian Aslak Fon.

0-1 changed the tide of the game as the visitors found an opponent more hasty to score and Caused bugs that Betis was trying to exploit with more space to close the victory with another goal.

Betis’ control on the pitch had the negative contingent of another muscle injury from Guido Rodríguez, thus giving young midfielder Enrique Fernández the opportunity to debut in the last part of the game and play in the last part of the game, which wasn’t much of a plus.

Data sheet:

0 – Ludogorets: pad; Cicinho, Verdon, Nedyalkov, Witry (Gropper, art.84); Piotrowski (Nonato, m.74), Cauly, Naressi (Gonçalves, m.84); Rick (Delev, m.74), Thiago (Tissera, m.65) and Tekpetey.

1 – Betis: Claudio Bravo; Aitor Ruibal, Édgar, Victor Ruiz, Miranda (Álex Moreno, art. 46); Paul Akouokou (Fekir, art.46), Guido Rodríguez (Enrique Fernández, art.73); Joaquín (Luiz Henrique, m.27), Canales, Rodri; and Willian José (Borja Iglesias, art.83).

Aim: 0-1, M.56: Fekir.

Judge: Harald Lechner (Austria). He warned visitor Paul (m.08) and locals Thiago (m.38) and Verdon (m.45).

Events: The fifth day match of the Europa League Group C was played at the Huvepharma Arena in Razgrad, Bulgaria. About eleven thousand spectators attended, almost filling the stadium.