When the holiday period arrives and depending on our destination, we are asked whether our photographic equipment will be enough to cover most of the possible situations that we may encounter.

A wide angle for landscape, a telephoto lens in case we see animals, a water camera for some water activity or maybe a stabilizer because you want to record video. The problem is that it is usually material that we are only going to use for that trip and that is usually stored in the backpack later.

This year I was presented with a situation like this, I needed a telephoto lens for a few days and the price of a 70-200 f / 2.8 from Sony was going to more than 1,000 euros. At first I thought about buying it and forcing myself to use it for the rest of the year but deep down I knew that it was not the type of photography I was going to do, so it occurred to me to try the rental of equipment.

I had never needed to rent photographic equipment and I was afraid that something would happen to the lens during the trip and I would have to pay for it …

Looking online, I found aclamrental.cat a video camera rental company in Barcelona with a catalog that covers the needs of most trips and jobs, both professionals and amateurs.

It is important that you value the days that you will need the material because although they have special prices for weekends or rentals of several days, it may compensate the second-hand purchase if the total amount increases too much.

As for how these types of services work, you have to reserve in advance the days that you will need the equipment. They send you a padded package at home and well protected with the rented material and usually what is necessary to return it back in another envelope. When the day of the return arrives, the courier will come to your house to get the package.

In the case of the lens, the box also includes the lens hood, caps and a UV filter to protect the lens.

These types of companies usually also offer the purchase of second-hand lenses, so it is advisable to take a tour of these sections because many times you will find offers that are worth it.

Look for weekend promotions, so you will only pay 1 day and rent 2. A great option for quick jobs or short getaways.

The rental can also be used to test material that you want to buy later in which you have to make a significant outlay.

In short, lose the fear of renting the material to save on photographic material, this world is not cheap and these options help us not to stop practicing a photographic modality because of the money.


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