Settlement attributes lowering of IAE in Alicante to lower investment

According to the declared data agree, a month ago, it was known that Diputación de Alicante has an investment of up to 60 times lower than Valencia in fire prevention this 2022 and does not have the budgetary capacity to include higher items. A week ago it was known that, according to the same version of Valencians always, the investment in jobs and services is half that per inhabitant of the area. Alicante Provincial Council More than in Valencia and according to the same government no capacity to match it. In line with what the coalition reported, three years ago, Diputación de Alicante was unable to allocate six million euros in aid from DANA to the regular budget due to insufficient budgetary capacity, and it took two years to pay the aid. affected peoples.

“The Compromís group has warned multiple times that Carlos Mazón’s populist measures to notoriety in the short term have caused a budget collapse that has forced them to wait months for funding in the municipalities. It is known that at the next plenary session of Diputación, the issue is aimed to be reduced to 0. . IAE It is subordinate to the Provincial Assembly. Today, Wednesday, the opinion was approved by the commissions,” says a note released by Compromis.

Valencians add to their letter that this is the third change in two years and a new revenue cut is expected in total. regular budget six million euros, 800,000 more with this latest change. In practice, the effect is purely symbolic, affecting no company that bills less than one million euros per year, and savings for a company that exceeds this figure is less than 50 euros per year. The group represented by Gerard Fullana adds that this is about government debate “desperately” influencing the media agenda.

“On the other hand, all these revenues will allow financing for 50% of the total revenue. Cooperation Fund That the Diputación refused to enter for six years or met the fire prevention plan for the Diputación de Valencia municipalities, thus investing a sufficient amount to carry out effective actions against the fire. They would also allow a reduction of the per capita investment gap in the businesses and services of Diputación de Alicante compared to the rest of the state institutions, or allow for the budgeting of the total DANA aid, generating one year and ten months of income. execution time,” he adds.

According to Comprom’s spokesperson, “At Alicante County Council we are victims of Carlos Mazón’s desperate need for promotion. budget capacity We cut six million euros from the budget to cover the investment of Diputación de Valencia and to give the big companies a symbolic tip the next day.”

They explained from the Compromís group that any “serious analysis” of the situation should set off all alarms. As the Valencians explain, income cuts, historical savings Diputacion’s photo. “We’ll see how Zaplanism has ruined Diputación’s public accounts again once this legislature ends, it will take us at least two years to recover from Mazón’s passing from the institution,” Fullana said.

Comproís announced that, starting this Wednesday, it will launch a legal shock scheme to stop the elimination of the Diputación’s budget as an electoral weapon. PP and one citizens no longer in the institution.

Source: Informacion


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