Investments in Alicante: From the development of artificial intelligence to TRAM between the airport and Vega Baja

Alicante played an important role in the numerous announcements launched by Generalitat chairman Ximo Puig during his participation in the general policy debate. Consell is committed to making the province a regional engine of innovation, digitization and digitization. artificial intelligence (IA), according to the intervention of the Botànic president. The innovations planned for the Alicante region in the last year of his tenure go further and he plans to make improvements in transport, tourism or education.


European Funds for Valencia AI Strategy

The council aims to unite Alicante’s innovative public and private ecosystem. Puig’s speech was a statement of Generalitat’s intention to strengthen its candidacy for Alicante to be chosen as the headquarters of the Spanish AI Agency. “This is the decentralization we want and what Spain needs: more opportunities for all regions. Without zero kilometers,” said the president, receiving applause from Botànic. He also claimed that they demanded in this sense. 90 million From Alicante to the Government of Pedro Sánchez under the second package of European Funds to develop the Valencia AI Strategy for the entire Community.

Another of Puig’s announcements is the six million Feder funds Generalitat has already earmarked to set up a center to enable technologies and an acceleration center for AI-based companies in the purchased Post Office building in Elche. Open Digital ZoneThe President assured that significant developments will take place in the coming months, including the completion of the headquarters in the port of Alicante, where seven national and international companies are already interested. In this area, the Talent Zone will be created outside the state borders, which will require the expansion of the Digital Zone in Castellón and Gandía, and a nomination will be initiated to host the Digital Technology Center in Munich.


A tram line to connect Vega Baja to the airport

Puig announced that the Valencian Government will undertake a study to improve rail links in Vega Baja. The Consell head said the intention is to connect Orihuela to Torrevieja via a tram and in addition to promote another line from Torrevieja to Alicante-Elche airport. Consell’s purpose is Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana, which currently manages Metrovalencia’s transport services. Alicante TramwayVega may have surgery in Baja.

This is the purpose of Generalitat, but at this time no additional information has been specified about the conditions under which this study will be carried out or the amount required for it. What Puig said was that this would be framed as another attempt. Plan Vega Renhace. This is not the only innovation. He also assured that a work would be put out to tender for a new line between Dénia and Gandía. The President also emphasized that public transport (metro, tram and bus) connected to the Generalitat will be free for young people under the age of 30 from 9 October until the end of the year.


Education center linked to the audiovisual industry industry

While Puig had already pushed this forward in his speech at the Alicante Forum last July, he recalled yesterday the creation of a training center with Puig. City of Light to strengthen the audio-visual texture. The movie studios represent one of the Generalitat’s strategic projects in the state, so the president stressed that they “restarted work and were ready to host the movie” and that it “turned from a fiasco to being a filmmaker”. fabric work and work.


Five newly created VET centers

Valencia network for digital proficiency in VT will be deployed with 120 training classrooms in the interior regions and will be launched in the coming years five centers integrated into the province: three are planned in Alicante, Elche and Dénia, and the other two in Sant Joan d’Alacant and Guardamar. Puig thus urged FP to “provide more prestige”, seeing it as synonymous with less unemployment and better wages.


Ongoing projects: cultural center and tourist intelligence

There are two announcements regarding Benidorm. The first of these is to be commissioned in 2023. National Tourist Intelligence Center. The Central Government’s decision to place this government institution in the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca is interpreted as an example of Pedro Sánchez’s commitment to decentralization. Second, the start of the second phase of the Benidorm Cultural Center in 2023.


Justice, sexist violence, the advent of multinational corporations…

Under the Judicial Infrastructure Plan, there is a recent investment of 100 million euros for the construction of the new building. Alicante City of Justice and rehabilitation of TSJ headquarters. It is also planned to open an office for sexist violence complaints in Alicante in the coming days. Finally, the head of Consell announced the arrival of the multinational Canon.

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