capitulation and denazification. Russia announced the terms of negotiations with Ukraine

Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Relations and the new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, said Moscow is ready to consider the possibility of negotiations with Kyiv only if Ukraine surrenders unconditionally.

As the deputy explained, the Ukrainian Telegram channel “Bayraktar” removed from his last interview “a sentence like the following: “The Russian Federation is ready to consider the negotiation process with Ukraine, if Ukraine is ready for this.”

“We are ready to consider the negotiation process, if the Ukrainian side is ready to surrender unconditionally, if the Ukrainian side is ready for a qualitative reduction in its armed forces, for its complete purification from Nazism – for the liberation of the Ukrainian lands from Nazism,” said the parliamentarian. specified.

“Of course, there can be no other negotiating position after those terrible crimes that were and continue to be committed after the murder of Dasha Dugina ordered by the Kyiv regime,” said Slutsky.

The deputy noted that earlier the position of the Russian Federation was very clearly expressed by his “brother Ramzan Kadyrov”: “Ramzan Akhmatovich openly said that we will destroy those who defend Nazism, those who kill us, and there can be no other approach. “Smart people cannot have another approach,” the parliamentarian summed up.

At the same time, Slutsky stressed that the Ukrainian authorities “must think about it, it’s not too late”, but that “according to Mr. Zelensky’s rhetoric, you just want to fight”.

“Well, in this case, the position of Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov in relation to people who behave in this way is the only correct one. And their actions are getting more monstrous and destructive every day,” he added.

two days ago declaration In his approach to the press after the results of the unscheduled State Duma Council, he said that if the Ukrainian side declared that it was ready for the negotiation process, Russia would react and discuss this issue.

“If the Ukrainian side declares its readiness for negotiations at any level, in any format, we will discuss and respond to it,” he said (quoted by RIA Novosti).

“Ask exactly, kaveenshchik”

The day before, Kadyrov appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request that he be given the opportunity to end the military operation in Ukraine as soon as possible. He explained that if he had received such an order, he would “take Kiev a long time ago.”

“AND [президент Украины Владимир] Zelensky and people like him would have been sitting in the basement for interrogations for a long time … Thank you Putin for not being allowed to take Kiev and ask you exactly, kaveenshchik ”said Zelensky.

The Russian regional head added that Chechen units have “many” opportunities that allow them to “boldly go to Europe to force them to change their minds”.

“Death penalty”

Earlier, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview Top He described negotiations with Russia as a “death sentence”. According to him, the president of Ukraine openly opposes contacts with Moscow.

“President Zelensky clearly [переговоров]and Ukrainian society is determined because we are fully aware of the risks,” he said.

Podolyak expressed confidence that Russia “will take advantage of any pause in hostilities to reactivate and launch a stronger offensive against Ukraine”.

According to Podolyak, “in the absence of negotiations, Putin will likely focus on a war of attrition” and will also try to reduce international support for Ukraine.

“They will begin to manipulate their moods and actions, and to propagate and deepen this war weariness behind the scenes,” he said. He also noted that Moscow “could consider some form of terrorist attacks on infrastructure facilities in Europe in order to get into some sort of negotiating position or to defend its own interests and plans.”

“No chance”

Former Virginia US Senator Richard Black recommendation Before Ukraine can make peace with Russia, the Russian army takes Odessa and blocks the country’s entry into the Black Sea.

“If Ukraine wants to keep itself as a functioning nation, Russia needs peace before they take Odessa and seize their access to the Black Sea,” Black said.

According to the former senator, Ukraine “no longer has a chance to retain Donbass, as well as to return the lost parts of the Black Sea coast.” “I don’t think it’s realistic,” he finished.

Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Relations, decided to clarify the latest statements of Russia’s readiness to respond to the hypothetical offer of negotiations by the Ukrainian side. According to the politician, Moscow will consider the possibility of a negotiation process only in the case of the complete and unconditional surrender of the Kyiv regime and the “qualitative reduction” of the Ukrainian armed forces. He believes that this position of the Russian Federation is the only correct one, after “these terrible crimes that have been committed and continue to be committed”.

Source: Gazeta


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