In Alicante, he is on trial for trapping a cat to protect his bird.

this Alicante Prosecutor’s Office asked for punishment 14 months in prison for a resident of the Rabasa neighborhood due to the death of a cat wire trap without brake placed at home protect a bird is in a cage. The Ministry of Public Affairs, describing the facts as a crime of ill-treating a pet, requested an oral lawsuit against this person, and a sentence of 1 year and 2 months in addition to imprisonment was requested for the accused. a three-year petition for disqualification for the practice of an animal-related profession, trade or trade and possession of animals.

For this reason, the prosecutor is also making a request. confiscation of all pets owned by the defendant and requests compensation to the Animal and Plant Protector of Alicante until quantification of the costs and damages incurred in the care, care and burial of the animal.

The events to be tried at the Alicante Criminal Court of First Instance took place on the morning of 16 June 2021 in a detached house in Adana Mahallesi. Rabasa. Alicante Local Police received a call reporting a possible case of animal abuse in a detached home, and when agents arrived on the scene, they found a cat was dying. According to the Public Department’s indictment, the cat was trapped by a metal ring on the wall of a house and hung upside down. The lasso was attached to a window grill under an aviary and on the property’s grounds.

The resident or owner of the house could not be identified by the municipality at the time. local police, Thereupon the agents jumped over the fence and entered the outer terrace of the plot due to the cat’s serious condition and the suffering of the animal held in its belly by the ring.

They confirmed it when they got inside. the cat was imprisoned by your wife with a wire ring there was no fixed knot, so the tension increased every time the animal moved to try to free itself.

According to the prosecution, the unbraked loop trap was “deliberately” placed by the accused next to an birdcage hung on the wall of his home, and he did so to catch the cat approaching him, so that “I was there. There was no possibility of escape, and He died suffering in proportion to the force he exerted to free himself.

The cat was anesthetized to remove the bond and was taken by the Alicante Animal and Plant Protector, but died a few days after being adopted. In the Public Department accusation, “the animal was trapped by an unbounded ring around the abdomen, which affected the abdominal viscera, causing moderate intestinal obstruction,” according to the veterinarian’s report. It also had an abrasion on one hind leg, possibly due to the cat’s efforts to free itself from the noose.

The man accused of animal abuse told local police officers who came to his house in Alicante that the cat that had jumped into his house to hunt the caged bird was guilty and «next time I would hit him with a stick and he would throw him in a bowl.». But he later denied in court that he had placed the wire loop without the brakes and told agents it was the cat’s fault, as well as denying that he didn’t know there was a cat there. it is entering. Sources from the Alicante Animal and Plant Protectorate state that there are currently many cases of animal abuse to cats, particularly through poisoning, and the use of trap ties is now rarer. The Penal Code punishes animal abuse with imprisonment from three months to one year, and in case of death from six to eighteen months.

Source: Informacion


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