PP calls for an emergency relief plan to adapt energy measures

Industrial Spokesperson of the People’s Party in Les Corts, Philip CarrascoHe urged Consell to initiate an “emergency plan” so that sectors affected by the energy measures decree “can adapt their business to the demands of the central government”.

After meeting with representatives of Confecomerc, the People’s Party presented an initiative at Les Corts, where it demanded the establishment of direct hotlines through European funds for sectors that had to adapt their business to new demands.

In this sense, Carrasco, in his statement, assured that “it is essential to put in place a Renewal Plan to replace the air conditioning infrastructure of enterprises that meet the energy efficiency requirements set by Europe”.

The MP said that “given the urgent investment that the affected sectors have to make, it is essential that a relief scheme be opened by the Royal Decree for the automation of access doors and access enclosures to the organizations of the affected sectors”. .

The spokesperson for the industry regretted that these measures were taken “without taking into account and reaching agreement with those concerned, unilaterally and without analyzing in detail what the most direct consequences are for implementing them”.

Thus, the popular lawmaker said that “many of these measures, including closing shop windows or regulating air conditioning, should be implemented before September 30 and require significant investment to implement them, but neither S├ínchez nor Puig is considering any sort of consequences from the pandemic. help for an industry that continues to suffer”.

Source: Informacion


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