Ana Luque disappointed with Olga Moreno after passing ‘Survivors’: ‘We don’t have fluent communication’

Ana Luke went to the ‘summer show’ last Friday talk about passing bysurvivors and current relationship Olga Moreno. Newcomer from Honduras, “working right now They’re on hold, we don’t have fluent communication“implies that their relationship is no longer what it used to be.

The former survivor expressed disappointment with Moreno’s empty defense of himself: “If it was done a little more, of course with his support, because he is very popular in Spain…”. In this way, Luque hinted that Olga’s defense could benefit him.

The program also wanted to ask him about his statements to a magazine during his interview. That Moreno regrets his treatment, although he always stood up for his friend.

Ana did not like this fact very much.She was visibly upset and stated that she talked about many other issues in that interview. The host of the show, Patricia Pardo, tried to show him that these particular statements were the ones that got the most media attention.

However, the former survivor did not take this very well and wanted to assert himself as a person with his own existence: “I went to the island to be Ana Luque, not to be Olga’s friend”. At that moment Isabel Rabago intervened and reminded him: “You are known as Olga Moreno’s friend, the person defending it.

Source: Informacion


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