Tempors with 15 years of experience in the Generalitat will receive the maximum points to consolidate their place.

He worked for Generalitat for 15 years and 8 months. This is the experience that the temporary staff of the regional government will have. highest possible score In this part of the merit competition to unite more than 3,000 places. That said, in the draft of the scale, it is stated that, apart from surprise this Friday, Consel will sign with the approval of the majority unions CC OO and UGT, who welcome the proposal.

The competition is for positions created before January 1, 2016. or open positions covered by named persons prior to this date. There will be no exam for the places included in the competition. The score will be calculated out of 100 points: 60 points based on experience and 40 points based on merit Like Valencia or other works.

In this first section, temporary persons who have experience in the “Government of the Generalitat in jobs of the nature of civil servants/labor of the same degree/subgroup and with functions corresponding to the functions of the body, scale, or occupational group” shall receive Worked 0.32 points per month, according to the draft. Thus, those with 15 years and 8 months of experience (188 months times 0.32 points) will receive these 60 points, or 60% of the total.

Meanwhile, those with regional management experience but “different” positions will get 0.11 points Those who have worked in the month and have experience in “other public administrations” will be added 0.08 points per month, four times less. This difference between the assessment of experience based on the similarity of the position held has been one of the demands of the unions and has been the biggest point of friction in the negotiations in Valencia City Council.

The score will be rounded off on the merits up to a maximum of 40 points. In this sense, Valencia is the most valuable, it reaches up to 15 points. Also, exams passed in Generalitat’s selective processes collected over the last 10 years will receive up to 4 points per test and other community languages ​​up to 4 points, up to the 12 point limit.

Other trainings received in the courses given under the Employment Training Agreement or Public Administration Personnel Continuing Education Plans will be added between 0.75 and 5 points according to their duration.

Positions created after 2016 will require a pre-exam worth 60 out of 100 points. For the remaining 40 points, experience is calculated in these cases, up to a maximum of 32 points (80% of the total). The mechanism is very similar: positions in the same set of qualifications and functions will add 0.18 points per month worked; different posts in the same administration, 0.06 and those of other administrations, 0.05 points.

Likewise, Valencia will score a maximum of 5 points, and up to 3 points in Generalitat’s examinations for selective processes; higher qualifications and community languages, up to 2 points each, and internal training, between 0.15 and 1 point.

Insufficient places

This scale will be applied to 2,514 places for competitive entry without examination, 574 places for competition-opposition and 739 places for internal promotion. The total that the UGT considers “inadequate” while remembering that there are “more than 8,000 temporary and temporary in the Generalitat”. The UGT center filed an appeal with the TSJCV.

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