Madrid man arrested for knocking his partner through the door

Civil Guard in cooperation with Local Police Las Rosas (Madrid), arrested 42-year-old man accused of knocking wife out of doora 41-year-old woman who appeared minor shoulder injury.

As reported this Wednesday by the Spanish national aggressor Madrid Command and The man accused of attempted murder was arrested on Tuesday, three days after the incident.and he was already in temporary prison.

The incidents took place in one of the houses on Martín Iriarte street last Saturday morning. Urbanization of Las MatasIt is located in the Madrid municipality of Las Rozas.

According to early research, The couple had a vigorous argument after the now detainee spent the night partying In the Torrelodones region.

During the fight, the alleged assailant 22 caliber gunthe moment when his partner, who is also Spanish, is released and locked himself in one of the rooms of the building.

He was then the man fired a bullet through the door of the room that shot the victimon the shoulder -already at a slower speed-.

The doctors from Summa 112 went there, The injured injured with a gun was taken under treatment. and transferred him to Puerta de Hierro hospital in Majadahonda in a mild condition.

His partner had already the Civil Guard launched an investigation to find out his whereabouts.

From that same Saturday, a strong joint apparatus of Benemérita and the Local Police continued to operate around the municipality, bearing fruit this Tuesday with the man’s arrest.

In your home registry An illegal marijuana crop and 1.2 kilos of buds were found from the same plant.

The prisoner is charged attempted murder, family maltreatment, illegal possession of weapons, neglect of charity, and crimes against public health.

Source: Informacion


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