Compromis approved the campaign committee in Alicante after holding a meeting

Voting of the assembly of Alacant Compromís

Voting of the assembly of Alacant Compromís

Alacant devotion held a meeting to discuss and reflect on the current political moment and the need to propose a fair response to the crisis caused by inflation and the rise in energy prices that have hit the pockets of the middle and popular classes hard. Likewise, the local council unanimously approved the motion. campaign committee approved by the coalition’s local manager. It is a committee consisting of nine people, four women and five men, representing all the political sensitivities of the coalition. The committee consists of: Pere García (general coordination), Irene González and Marisa Ribera (organization and logistics), Rodolfo Coloma, Sara Llobell and Juan Albertos (election mobilization), Sónia Tirado and Víctor García (political content) and Hector Espinoza (communications) ).

The Campaign Committee is a temporary body created in each. election cycle and extinguishes after elections that have the following objectives: setting the election objectives of each cycle, outlining the campaign, defining the election discourse, drafting the election proposals, negotiating where appropriate, electoral agreements with other agreed political forces made by the Executive or Local Reconciliation Assembly, and the logistical needs of the campaign. manages.

According to a statement released by Compromis, “the creation of this campaign committee responds to the need to place the coalition in pre-election mode and accompanies the daily institutional work with political work to position Compromís. The political change option that Alicante needs is an urban regeneration with its main challenges.” designing and executing the project. fight against social inequalitiesthe city’s adaptation to the climate crisis, a local agreement to respond to the economic crisis, and advocating for quality and inclusive public services”.

Likewise, this Campaign Committee should work at its maximum. collective mobilization and the creation of working groups that help the different areas of the Committee achieve its objectives.

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