this Alicante Gymnastics Club reaped the fruits of his work in this field. Spain Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships and the National Men’s Base recently held in the city of Pamplona. Components of the Alicante team took the podium up to eight times in an event marked by highly demanding participants.

On the first day of the competition, Gimnástico Alicante made her debut with the young gymnast on Vía Olímpica 1. Julia. In her first national competition, she ranked 13th in the general classification among a total of 56 gymnasts, placing 5th in the bar and 8th on the floor. In addition, the grades for the team classification of this category were entered, the Community of Valencia placed third among the teams in Vía Olímpica 1.

After that, it was the men’s turn. In Base 3, Javierín won bronze in the rings out of a total of 59 gymnasts, and also finished sixth on the floor and ninth overall. In this category we should also highlight Iván’s eighth place in the jump.

In Base 4, Tristán’s fourth place overall stood out on the podium border and Spain with second place in archery, bronze in the bar and fifth in the rings. In addition, in this category the club finished third by teams with Nico, Hugo and Tristán.

Another year on VO3 After a brilliant and brilliant competition, Raúl continued to conquer the podium as second in Spain overall, Spanish champion in rings, Spanish champion in parallel bars and second in pommel.

Then it was Paula and Martina’s turn to Vía Olímpica 7, which is already quite a high level. Paula finished eighth in the bar out of a total of 39 gymnasts.

Thus, Gimnástica Alicante wraps up the season with 12 medals, eight in Pamplona and four in Lleida in June.