Representatives of Venezuelan and US authorities held a virtual meeting 23:24

The Venezuelan government and the US administration held their first virtual talks, during which they agreed to continue interaction to strengthen trust and improve interstate relations. This was stated by the President of the Venezuelan Parliament, Jorge Rodriguez, RIA Novosti reported.

According to him, during the virtual meeting, the Venezuelan side expressed its rejection of the distortions in the essence of the bilateral dialogue, which have been repeatedly published by Washington representatives.

The politician stressed that the dialogue should be limited to what was previously agreed upon during the negotiations in Qatar. Rodriguez noted that the principles of self-determination, sovereignty and reciprocity must be respected in order to further restore mutual trust and relations between the countries.

After the first meeting in a long time, Venezuela and the United States agreed to work to strengthen trust and improve relations, as well as to establish constructive and respectful communication, the parliament speaker said.

Previously, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro statedthat the country’s government will continue direct dialogue with the United States.

Media in June 2023 reportedHe said a secret dialogue took place between Maduro’s advisors and US President Joe Biden in Qatar.

Previously, American oil workers I want to come back To the Venezuelan market.

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Source: Gazeta


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