The Federation Council announced the US threat to increase the scope of attacks on the Russian Federation 16:02

Washington is threatening to allow Ukraine to increase the scope of its attacks on Russian territory in order to escalate the conflict ahead of the US presidential elections. This is the opinion in an interview with the newspaper “Vzglyad”. It was expressed Senator Konstantin Dolgov.

“Washington is experiencing a fiasco on the Ukraine track, so the United States needs to raise the temperature by any means necessary,” Dolgov said.

He added that the enemy plans to inflict as much harm as possible on Russia, including civilians. According to him, this is a response to the successes of the Russian Armed Forces on the battlefield.

On July 3, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Europe James O’Brien, at a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, statedIf Moscow “tries to expand this front,” Washington will allow Ukraine to further attack Russia.

Before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin warnedHe said that Russia could react asymmetrically to the supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine, noting that such a step would mean direct participation in the conflict.

Previously in Crimea in the name Accomplices of Ukrainian crimes.

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Source: Gazeta


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