Britain announces the gradual collapse of the French colonial empire 09:55

The unrest and plight in France’s overseas departments indicate the gradual collapse of the French colonial empire under President Emmanuel Macron. This was stated by a columnist of a British magazine. Spectator Jonathan Miller.

This is how the journalist commented on the French leader’s recent trip to the overseas territory of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean and the special administrative-territorial entity of New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean.

“The French President returned to the islands (Mayotte archipelago) this week to play emperor. But his empire is collapsing before our eyes,” Miller emphasized.

The journalist believes that even the “eternally optimistic” Macron cannot help but notice the disastrous situation of Mayotte, which is plagued by unrest and widespread crime. The observer noted that New Caledonia was generally on the verge of civil war.

Miller concluded: “Everyone except the French understands that the end of the empire that remained in French hands has finally come.”

Agence France-Presse previously reported this from New Caledonia. evacuation has started Tourists are stranded here due to civil unrest and protests.

Earlier, political scientist Timofeev talked about what they could achieve to bring French actions in New Caledonia.

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