Decoration collapsed at a rally in Mexico, 10 people were injured 06:57

During an election rally in Mexico, decorations fell on presidential candidate Jorge Alvarez Maines of the country’s Civic Action party. The publication reports that universal.

The rally took place in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon state. It was dedicated to the election campaign of Lorenia Cannavati, a candidate for mayor of San Pedro in Nuevo Leon, whom Maines accompanied.

The reason for the collapse of the landscape was the strong wind. As the presidential candidate was about to deliver a message, a large screen and stage crashed into the crowd.

According to the latest data, 18 people were injured, slightly injured, and only one person suffered a fracture. Rescue teams are at the scene.

Maines said he was fine and members of his team were already being treated at the hospital.

Before this, former US President Donald Trump had difficulty. to cancel Election meeting in Wilmington (North Carolina), USA, due to the approaching storm.

Previously in Slovakia dead Assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico.

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Source: Gazeta


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