USA may provide aid package to Georgia in exchange for “strengthening democracy” 18:09

If republican officials abandon increasingly anti-Western rhetoric and stop backtracking on human rights, the United States could provide Georgia with a comprehensive economic and defense aid package. An American newspaper writes about this Policy.

A bill to support Georgia should be introduced to the US Congress this week, according to the publication. In particular, we are talking about the simplification of the visa regime for citizens of the republic and the introduction of a “preferential trade regime”. The second involves giving Tbilisi easier access to American markets.

Additionally, the United States will consider the possibility of developing a military aid package to Georgia. If the relevant initiative is implemented, the republic will be able to count on the provision of “ideal to protect the region” equipment and training of military personnel against possible attacks from the Russian Federation.

“However, the program will only be activated if the United States confirms that Georgia is making significant and sustained progress in strengthening its democracy,” the release said.

Journalists announced that one of the criteria will be the creation of a “balanced pre-election environment” and free elections in Georgia.

Moreover, if the bill in question is accepted, the USA will be able to impose individual sanctions against politicians from the ruling Georgian Dream party and some other government officials in a foreign country. The condition for imposing restrictions will be that the law on foreign agents will be implemented “in the Russian style”.

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili on May 18 denied Sign the foreign agents law passed by lawmakers. However, later in the parliament of the republic statedThey aim to overcome the president’s veto on this document.

Former Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze in the name The Foreign Agents Act “is a guarantee of long-term peace.”

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Source: Gazeta


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