Puig monopolizes all the spotlights in Hogueras

“Did Ximo Puig come or not?” This was the comment made in an ironic tone by the majority of politicians present in the area reserved for the authorities yesterday to witness the mascletà. The joke referred to the fact that the major role on day six in Luceros was taken over by the President. Valencian general. Those present stood in line to exchange a few words with him, did not even make a brief greeting, and photographers raised their cameras to take the best picture, whether it was a handshake, a gesture, an approach or distance staging with themselves or others. other political entities.

Popular Javier Maroto, Luis Barcala, María José Catalá, Miguel Tellado and Carlos Mazón jose navarro

from PP, knowing that puig They would live the last two days of the festivities in the heart of the party, trying to counterprogram their presence with their current biggest asset, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Due to agenda issues, the president of the PP was unable to travel to Alicante, where the popular alternative to Puig’s leading role was personified in the right hand of Feijóo in the popular leadership. Javier Maroto, spokesperson for the Regional Organization and the Senate.

Puig, the big winner of this year’s festivities, before heading to the mascletà. Florida bonfire Portazgo. The socialist baron visited the Alicante neighborhood with the Minister of Innovation Josefina Bueno and Ana Barceló, the trustee of the socialist group in the Valencian Parliament. There were also two policies that received the most votes to be the PSOE candidate for the next year’s mayor of Alicante. As an anecdote, Puig wore a tie on that visit that he hadn’t worn while in Luceros at the advice of his advisers.

One of the most emotional moments occurred while I was at the fountain. head of council He took a toy from the translator Generalitat offered to Ukrainian refugees who came to Valencia in the past months. The object Puig carried for several minutes was an expression of gratitude from the translator’s daughter for the warm welcome that the Valencian Community offered to people fleeing the war in her country.


In the large entourage of people who always accompanied Puig, some of the regional government’s heavyweights could be seen, such as Gabriela Bravo, head of Justice, or the new Finance Minister Arcadi España, who was very close to the president. always makes it clear that one of the main dolphins called to take his place in the future can do it. The head of Consell tried to serve everyone as much as possible. That’s why he turned to radio stations broadcasting from Luceros these days, before pyrotechnic filming began. Among these positions Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) is from Elche, which Puig also attends. This stance was especially after the socialist baron was accused of confirming his extradition from the academic institution of Elche to the University of Medicine Alicante (UA). In fact, Puig shook hands with Juanjo Ruiz, the rector of Elche, and exchanged some candid words.

One more day, the PP entourage, led by district leader Carlos Mazón and Mayor Luis Barcala, and whose main assets were Tellado and Maroto, then entered. The popular and socialists practically always avoided crossing each other until they had to enter the restricted area to follow the mascletà, an area where the inevitable greeting takes place. On a day when conversations just stopped circling Monica OltraPapi Robles, of Compromís, his trustee in Parliament, repeated his presence, accompanied by Àgueda Micó, secretary general of Més Compromís.

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