PP continues its strategy of attacking Oltra in an attempt to wear out Puig

After Monica Oltra resigned, People’s Party As long as the complex legal situation the Compromís leader is going through continues to be used to attack the Botànic Government and deepen its strategy of corroding Ximo Puig in the face of the electoral cycle, the opportunity will not be missed. will happen next year. This line addressed to Oltra was followed yesterday by one of the strongmen of the PP’s new national director, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the Organisation’s Deputy Secretary Miguel Tellado, who visited Alicante on the occasion of the celebration. Bonfires.

Tellado made a statement to the press in the gardens of the Provincial Palace, and Oltra’s situation had a special weight in his speech. He did not miss the opportunity to evaluate the historical absolute majority that Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla won in the Andalusian elections last Sunday. Valencian Community. Turning to Oltra, he pointed out that the case that resulted in the resignation of the person who had been vice-president of the Generalitat until Tuesday represents the “biggest political disgrace” Spain has ever experienced. As was done by the PPCV and the rest of the right-wing formations that are part of the Valencian Parliament, the Galician politician wanted to put the head of the Generalitat at the center of the target because he accused him of being a criminal. He is “maximum responsible” for the complex case that leads the person who is his main ally.


Tellado told reporters that Puig had been hiding “with maximum responsibility on her own” in recent months, questioning her leadership in the socialist baron’s tough case over the cover-up of sexual abuse by her ex-husband. Leader of Compromis. “It’s not worth running away,” said the PP’s Deputy Secretary of the Organization, referring to the head of Consel, who a few minutes later met officials in the front row in the designated area for witnesses. maskleta It belongs to Luceros.

As many of the politicians of the right-wing parties in Valencia do, Tellado also referred to the minor victim of abuse by Oltra’s ex-husband. Valencian government. Finally, regarding the step back that the former vice president had to take, Tellado demanded the resignation of every member of the PP under investigation for corruption, stating that his resignation was inevitable considering the bar he had set.

During his visit to Alicante on the occasion of the Bonfires, the Galician politician also raised other issues affecting Puig, such as the case regarding his brother. He also celebrated it as “great news” Ford decision Despite urging the President to ask the Government of Pedro Sánchez to strengthen the automotive sector with the necessary reforms, it will continue to manufacture its vehicles in the Valencia region.

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