Puig lowers the tension: from ultimatum to praising Oltra’s work

With threats of impeachment on the horizon, to pressing him to resign, to covering up his work as a key player in the Botànic Government, where he’s fought for social advancement over the past seven years. To change and save the reputation of the Valencian Community. Generalitat chief Ximo Puig had barely 24 hours. change your speech Against Mónica Oltra, who was vice president until Tuesday. Although the socialist baron learned of his resignation, like the rest of the citizens, through the image presented by the Compromís leader, he preferred not to collect the bills and to highlight what his main job was. It is an ally in the regional government so as not to further undermine a Botànic that has been shaken much in recent weeks.

One of Puig’s tools to quietly weather the storm around Oltra, post a statement, to avoid the most offensive questions of journalists. The PSPV-PSOE leader on Monday demanded that Valencianista make a decision “sooner or later” regarding his resignation, stating that it was not “for the parties” after so many bubbles emerged on Saturday by Compromís. He grew up in Palau. The socialist baron cleared his agenda Wednesday morning and spoke in a statement from the Presidency.


After Puig had left Tuesday afternoon to think, initial assessment About the departure of Oltra. The PSPV-PSOE leader respected and appreciated the decision taken by company number two at Botànic and believes he is acting “to protect Consell and to benefit the general interest of the Valencian Community”.

In a statement, Puig stressed that the already former vice president is a key person for political change, the recovery of institutions and the betterment of Valencians’ lives. “So thank you for your work and responsible generosity over these seven years. “Not all politicians are the same,” he said. Likewise, she wanted to express her rejection of all objections. attacks, insults and threats Oltra has been suffering in recent days, especially since it was learned last week that TSJCV called him to testify on July 6 as it was under investigation, something that was suspended after he gave up his act of attorney and therefore, Oltra is out of breath. “A democratic society would not accept this disrespect,” said the socialist.

Likewise, he condemned, in his view, the instrumentalization of justice. extreme right. “I continue to defend respect for justice and the presumption of innocence, and I trust his word,” said the President. «The Valencian Community is a respected, reliable and stable region. It is imperative that we expand on the progress made by the efforts of Botànic and the entire community.” During your planned visit to the Bonfires.

“We currently have an all-time high level of employees, a leading business dynamism in Spain, and health, education and social services stronger than ever before,” he added. Studies conducted by Botànic in the last seven years, at a time of maximum uncertainty, with a long election cycle starting in less than a year, at a time of wear and tear caused by the complex judicial and political situation it is going through. The leader of the Compromís or the historic victory of the Partito Popular on Sunday in Andalusia. “We will continue to work in the interests of the five million Valencians,” said Puig.

Right continues erosion strategy

Even though Mónica Oltra has decided to resign, from the Valencian right, they feel that the ex-vice president’s ways of coming out and his growing alienation with Ximo Puig continue to offer arguments to continue the erosion strategy and seek political gain. against next year’s elections. Like this, People’s Party and Citizens They offered their specific vision of what had happened in recent days, with liberals denouncing the premise used by Puig in popular questioning and Oltra’s public appearance as he led the step next to step number two. He resigned from all his duties. “He has attacked the rule of law and Puig continues to rule with Compromís,” said Ruth Merino, trustee of Cs at the Valencia Courts.

At the PP, the floor was taken by Elena Bastidas, who has criticized the Generalitat’s president’s “silence” in recent months and is deputy spokesperson for the popular group at the Cortes. triple It is ‘cracked and fragmented’ that governs the community. “Parent juniors sleep more peacefully,” Bastidas added when assessing Oltra’s resignation.

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