Right criticizes Puig’s “warmness” and left admires Oltra’s work

Reactions following the resignation between attacks from the right on Ximo Puig when his main partner in the Botànic Government fell, and praise from the left for his former vice president’s work in trying to save the most needy people in recent years Monica Oltra In the early hours of yesterday afternoon, all the games followed one another until almost midnight. The right wing accuses Puig of being cold-blooded in the face of Oltra’s judicial and political situation and leaving it up to him to decide to resign before he dares to impeach him. Comprom’s colleagues, on the other hand, insist that an injustice has been committed, promoted by the far right.

PPCV manifested itself through its regional leader, Carlos MazonWanting to focus on the steps President Puig has taken in recent days . “For a long time, he neither took responsibility nor made a decision on an abominable matter. In the end, it was Oltra who made the decision for him,” said the Alicante native first. He later told the Generalitat “without apologizing to Maite, who at this point was the only victim of all this. “It was sad that they continued.

Board of Trustees of Citizens in Courts, Ruth Merino“Oltra’s resignation came too late, but he’s finally leaving and we’re going out with that by winning all Valencians,” he said. Merino believes the former vice president has tarnished regional institutions, the same thesis Vox voiced through his board of trustees at the Cortes, Main Vega: «She clung to her position by force, and her dance, along with other Compromís, became a mockery of the citizens».

The nearest

Oltra’s partners in Compromís as National MP Joan Baldovi or the mayor of Valencia, Joan RiboThey went out to show their faces for him. In a message on social networks, Baldoví stressed that “an injustice has taken place against one of the people who has given the most credit to Valencian politics”. Ribó assured that Oltra “is and is necessary” in the coalition, and warned that “nobody should have illusions”, because “he will return when proven completely innocent”. The mayor of València also pointed out that “sometimes it’s okay to take a sideways step in order to move forward more strongly”.

“We’re talking about a person who works hard for social and political change,” said Consell’s second vice president and Minister of Housing. Hector Illuecalamenting Oltra’s “painful” departure from the Botànic Government and thanking him for “putting the interests of the Valencians above all considerations”. Trustees of Unides Podem in Cortes, column limethanked him for his work and sent him “a big hug during these difficult times”.

There were also reactions outside the borders of the Valencian Community. Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzonand the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, already defended the former vice president and assured him that he was the victim of an “ultra persecution”. leader of More Country, Inigo Errejonhe praised the “brave decision” in his view.

Source: Informacion


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